Sunday, 31 January 2010


rainy, hot, temps 30

We had the MOST romantic, splendid evening last night. It was one of our last nights in the Presidential Suite so we wanted to take advantage of it. We asked Sabie our butler to give us dinner on the verandah. Not expecting anything except room service.

Well, she set out linen, silverware, an orchid in a vase. she scattered flower petals everywhere. And served us the most wonderful meal. We looked out over the Caribbean Sea - and down below the live band sang love ballads. (not for us, we realize - it was just unbelievable good luck!) So we ate, and danced, and held each other - and thanked Sabie over and over.

She was wonderful.

I will tell you, this vacation is so far better than anything I ever dreamed. Sandals is extraordinary...once we figured out what we wanted and what the resort offered. We're quieter than many of the people here. We don't party or want to be surrounded by parties. Basically, we want a quiet beach, a lovely ocean, romantic times together.

And we have them here.

And the people who love to drink and party, kareoke and limbo, have that too - in another area.

But what moves us and impresses us the most are the people. Their kindness. And it does not feel forced.

This morning the extraordinary Malaika told us we'd be moved into a Rondeval suite!!! tomorrow.

So, no tears. We're really delighted.

Off for lunch. it does feel odd to eat then just leave. Hope we don't do that back home.


Marjorie said...


Thanks again for sharing this time with us. I am so happy for you and Michael. And what I miss most for myself is the having someone to share it all with, whether at a resort or in my tiny home and you are both clearly blessed in that. That is the most important part, isn't it? Thanks and enjoy every moment remaining there in paradise.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Shelagh said...

Oh my gosh - how wonderful it is that your vacation is far better than you had dreamed. So often it is the opposite and disappointment sets in.

I am sure this next week will be as special as the first has been. So happy for you and Michael.

Enjoy your bliss, the peace and quiet, and one another.

Hugs, Shelagh

lil Gluckstern said...

So happy for you. I'm sure your helpers are meeting kindness with kindness. Your joy is so delightful-not noisy or jaded. Happy for both of you.


Barb said...

Oh my gosh! Imagine my surprise to get here and see all your great descriptive blogs! Hadn't expected that at all. What a time you two are having, I'm really happy for you and of course you're both squeezing every bit of joy, excitement, romance and adventure out of it. Wonder if Gamache and Reine Marie will ever get to St Lucia. :D

You talked about nothing being whiter than Canadians in the son in Minneapolis started complaining about that soon after he relocated there... said he never knew there were so many pale people, and that there is a tanning booth on every corner. LOL


whalewatcher said...

For your quotes list

"What is essential is invisible to the eye"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Glad you are having such a marvelous time!

Bev Stephans said...

Dinner on the balcony sounds so nice. Especially with the band below. What a nice place.

I look forward to your description of the Roundeval Suite. You have placed all of us in your rooms to look around and see it through your eyes.

Bev Stephans

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds wonderful. Glad you're having fun. The evening sounded very romantic.

Donna K said...

OOOOOhhhhhh! It just came to me... Much, much later I finally made the connection on the 'Got Milk?' ha Very good. You should be a writer.

Still only 2 above but the good news is that the real feel is actually 5! So there..

Drift on in your remaining romantic days and nights...and don't think we haven't noticed that your romantic blog informing always stops after it should ...Donna K.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I LOVE your comments - each and every one. so full of heart and kindness - often gems from your own lives and observations. I just adore reading what you all write with such humour and intelligence and wit.