Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kate McGarrigle

partly cloudy, mild, temps plus 2

Everything's melting, a little slushy, but quite nice actually.

Heard the news today that the wonderful Kate McGarrigle has died of cancer at the age of 63. She and her sister Anna formed The McGarrigle Sisters and were a huge part of the folk music scene internationally - a great accomplishment period, but even more so since they were born in a small Quebec village just north of Montreal.

What a loss. I never met them - which is quite an achievement in itself since it would be almost impossible for us to have missed each other. But, sadly for me, we have. I was a fan of theirs.

We've had a hectic day...one of those days where the messages never stopped...and everything seemed to need responding to. Events, books, information, requests. Feels a little overwhelming. This has been the big shock about being a published author - all the 'other' work. But this wouldn't happen if people didn't like the books - so it is the territory.

As is something else that happened today. What a funny life. yesterday I got the news about being nominated for the Dilys, and today, over breakfast, got the news I was not nominated for the Edgar. In past years I knew it was a faint hope and so while slightly disappointed it did not hurt much.

Today it hurt.

Not because I expected to be - but I genuinely thought both A RULE AGAINST MURDER and THE BRUTAL TELLING had a good shot at it. So this stings. Not anything I won't get over. And I feel better already. And I debated whether to even mention anything to you...but then I realized this is part of the process. part of playing in the big leagues is occasionally getting the stuffing knocked out of you. I could sit quietly on the sidelines and not run this risk.

When good stuff happens I feel it and celebrate, and tell you about it. When bad stuff happens I also need to tell you - so you'll know the ups and downs of this business. I feel the sting, but then let it go...after wishing horrible things on the judging committee, but not the nominees. Since I know how thrilled I'd be if I was nominated, I could not help but be very happy for them.

And speaking of which, one of my favorite writers, and people, was nominated in the Best First Novel category - Stefanie Pintoff for her wonderful book, IN THE SHADOW OF GOTHAM. Well done, Stefanie. I'm about to email you privately as well. So richly deserved.

Running around like mad here with last minute stuff...and then we take off. Counting the sleeps.


Kay said...

Louise, I've decided that the Edgars and my reading list are not very compatible. Most of the time, I haven't even heard of half the books and I've rarely read any of them. Not never, just rarely. I think they are a little gritty for me for the most part. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)

Since your books have a permanent place on my past, current and upcoming reading list, it must be me. I'm the jinx!

Dana said...

Dear Louise,
For Christmas I sent all of your books to a friend in Columbus Ga. I heard from her today that she has finished Still Life and is starting A Fatal Grace. Not only is she inspired to visit Quebec, she said it is as if she has found a town full of new friends. My friend is a retired teacher who has won many awards for her ability to inspire others to learn. She continues to write on-line lesson plans and also to take Doctoral courses.I trust her judgement above the Edgar committee.

Barb said...

Louise, at least you only had a bat in your gloves, not your belfry, right? :x I can picture you and Michael.

Well, I think it is a totally human response to feel the sting over something like not being nominated for the Edgars. I looked at the books nominated for the dilys and realized that a lot of Bookoholics have read most of them. Yours included, of course.

IGA stores! We don't have any in town, but there were many of them in Nebraska. Even in the small town where I grew up - 700 people then!

Two authors in the States died today, Eric Segal and Robert Parker.

I'm reading Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler as well as re-reading A Rule Against Murder. In Tyler's, I'm at the point where I really want to know what's going to happen next. Her books seem to sort of creep along and then bam!


Marjorie said...

Daba, just wait until your friend gets to the 4th book and then you can tell her that she can actually visit the place that was the inspiration for the hotel/resort. That is something that I would love to do some day myself.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

bgpringle said...

Well phooey on the Edgar judging committee - who needs them!
Louise, just remember, St Lucia....

Dana said...

Marjorie, I think we should all go to Hovey and then on to Quebec City for the nexr book launch!

lil Gluckstern said...

I am surprised about the Edgars, but I think they're a little slanted toward Noir, not elegance. The DILYS is more about us people! Sorry about the sad part of your day, but hope your days in the sun will heal and warm you. I am sad about Robert Parker; he was around so long. Take care.


Mason Canyon said...

I'd say the Edgar committee didn't select you because they knew you were going to win the Dilys and have so much on your plate this year. :)

I've always heard things come in threes. You tell of a death of a famous person there and we have one in the US (Robert Parker) and one in London(Eric Segal). So sad.

I wish we each could feel a little of your current pain for you so the sting wouldn't be as bad. Focus on St. Lucia and all the wonderful writing ahead of you.

Ellin said...

I am truly heartbroken at the news of Kate McGarrigle's death as are many many others here in the States.
I am also about 20 pages from the end of "The Brutal Telling" and REFUSE to finish it and be forced to leave the magical mystery place that is Three Pines! Helas.
It is a fabulous book. And since I never made an effort to tell the McGarrigle sisters how much they mean to me, may i take this opportunity to tell you how much you have become part of my life and Thank You.
Cheers, Ellin from Brooklyn

alan said...

I'm reading "The Brutal Telling" and enjoying it. Sorry about the Edgars.
By the way, noted you situate Habitat on Nuns' Island. It's actually in Cité du havre.

alan said...

Incidentally, Gravol and Dramamine are the same drug: Dimenhydrinate. So you really didn't have to go the US to get it.

Louise Penny Author said...

Phooey is right! Oh well. that feels better. Thank you SO much for your kind comments - a balm for my scalded ego.

You really are lovely people.