Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Robert Parker

overcast, foggy, wet snow, temps freezing

Going nuts getting things done. Heading to Montreal tomorrow, so need to be all sorted out here before we leave. Michael and I have been going flat out. Loads of laundry, packing (dear Lord how can my suitcase be full??? My plan was to just bring two bathing suits, a cover-up and books - what is filling up the suitcase???)

You won't believe it, but we've book a butler-level suite at Sandals. And, among other things, he actually unpacks. Hope he also packs up.

Five sleeps to the trip.

Robert Parker died earlier this week. So sad, and so young...just mid-70's. I started that last sentence with "poor Robert...' but took out the 'Poor'. We all die - but wow, did he ever live. Great life, I think. Doing what he loved, and respected for it.

I remember reading the obits of Paul Newman and realizing I couldn't feel badly that he'd died, because he'd lived so fully.

I think, after the Sandals experience, I can die happy too. Just, please Lord, not before!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the Edgars. Feeling better - these bruises don't last long. But kindness always helps the healing. Thank you!

This Friday Michael had a morning eye doc appointment in Montreal, the I'm off to see our nephew Charlie play in a hockey tournament. He's visiting from Toronto. Friday is also Michael's son's birthday. He's coming to the apartment for drinks, then the two of them are heading out for dinner. A friend, Ron, died on Saturday. he was in his 90's and had also lived a rich life, filled with art and friends and delight. His funeral is Friday. Shaping up to be a busy day.

Breakfast Saturday with Mary - our sister-in-law (charlie's mom) and her mother - Chez Nick's, on Greene Ave.

Did my first Skype event this morning with students at Alexander Galt Regional Highschool in Lennoxville. They'd read a few of my books, and one student even wrote a poem about Bean. I asked her to email it to me. it was amazing. Such fun to speak with them about books and writing and choices...and to hear the questions they had.

What a fabulous thing Skype is - to actually see people from a distance in real time.

Kirk just called - he's on the way with the upholsterer to take the sofa and two arm chairs from the living room. The ones I've mentioned before...made of stone. Better then than me lifting them. Must dash. It is after 4 and I'm still in my pajamas. Another great thing about Skype...who knew I spoke to a high school class while wearing pajamas???

Take care - speak tomorrow.


Mason Canyon said...

With your busy schedule, your trip will be here before you know. Then you can relax and unwind after this hectic week.

As for your suitcase filling up so fast. Might want to double check just to make sure someone hasn't added the bat in there for you to take with you.

Have a good day and a very pleasant evening.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really anonymous; I've just lost my password (really Mary Lamb in Seattle). Have a lovely time in Santa Lucia and come back rested and revitalized.

Jeanine said...

Louise and Michael,

Have a fantastic vacation. Soak up some warmth and sunshine. But don't get burned!

We will miss Robert Parker. We are surprised at how profoundly his death has affected us. My husband is in the midst of reading his last book - The Professional - as we speak. My turn when he finishes. We have read all the Spenser, Jesse Stone & Sunny Randall books.

We look forward to hearing all about St. Lucia. Congrats on the upgrade!

Donna K. said...

Dear Travelers!

The Butler Suite??How fantastic!

Concerned that you may overlook possible butler services I've included a list. Kept it decent so that I would not be deleted or kicked out of Canada by the "Blog Police' or an irate border guard fan..
The Butler List

1. Shop for Michael
2. Proof read your latest manuscript for errors and howlers.
3. Floss-especially those bridges if any.
4.Read bed-time stories rich in local lore.
5. Announce new friends at the door by name.."Ms. Penny and Mr. Doe-the Robertsons from Des Moines have arrived"..and have an appetizer plate at the ready.
6. Answer personal questions such as, "Does this make my butt look big?".knowing that he will lie for a tip later..
7. Turn up or down the sound of the ocean waves at night.
8. Teach some kwéol phrases.
9.Jump up and down repeatedly on your suitcases to get them to close
at the end.
10.Put an island curse on the Agatha nominees committee getting them to change their mind..-

Seriously, have a blast. Enjoy your adventure. Fall in love again (not that you haven't) and get your wedding vows renewed..was that bossy?
Donna K.

Marjorie said...

Donna K.,

That was great! How can Louise and Michael not have a perfect retreat with that list in hand?

I wish them a very Bon Voyage.

Besides Mr. Parker (when I was young and lived in Boston, I adored his books), I also want to make mention of Erich Segal. It many seem hokey now, but when I was very very young "Love Story" was a very big deal. May he also rest in peace.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Donna K said...


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it -I just can't help being sarcastic or funny's just in me, but I sometimes need to temper it..I bet they'll really be happy with that list now..I probably saved their trip!!!!
Donnak, fellow Sag

Susan D said...

Ah yes, the lovely perk of working in one's pyjamas. But, um, didn't the students notice?

Or did you just blend with them?

Marjorie said...

Susan D., I was thinking the same thing! Louise, you do know that they could see you just as you could see them, right? LOL. I now have Skpe (want to Skype me, Lousie?) and I talk to my sister in my nightgown and robe. With the lights down very low. It's very freeing...and comfy.

--M from CT

Marjorie said...

Now there's a typo: Lousie. I, of course, meant Louise. My fingers don't always do what my brain tells them to do!

--M. from CT

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Mason,

That bat! hmm. Another thing to add to Donna's list.

11. Corral the Canadian bat.

though I worry he might think the bat is me. Still - being there are probably worse things than being corralled by a butler in a thong (as per my list)

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Mary and Jeanine,

Thank you for your well wishes! I always think at least half of the fun is dreaming about it.

And I agree about Robert Parker. A great loss.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna,

Fab list!!! I especially like the 'reading the manuscript for errors' - why oh, why didn't I think of that. Might add - Write Next Book. Actually I'm looking forward to scheming it on the beach.

Thanks for the list - had Michael and me howling!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Susan,

Oh, dear. That might explain the screams of anguish 'My eyes! My eyes!" when I changed into my sweats in the middle of the class. I choose to believe it was that the sight was just too spectacular for normal humans to view.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Marjorie,

I too wept more than one tear at Love Store. That and Jonathan Livingston Seagull (by another writer). Glad you mentioned him.

And isn't Skype great??? I might never leave home, unless the butler can coax me out with truffles - and a thong. (there it is AGAIN - the old bat.)