Monday, 18 January 2010

quiet day

overcast, slight drizzle - slush. mild. temps freezing

another overcast day - but this seems to be the January thaw. Normally a January thaw in Canada is quite spectacular. Very mild, even warm, temps, melt all the snow...grass appears, sometimes even small green shoots. And then...February appears. Goodbye thaw.

Just finished ellipticating. Grrr. Wish I could say I like it. But I hate it. I keep trying to change my attitude, knowing that if I'm going to exercise, then hating it sure doesn't help. I think it's a combination of not liking to exercise and liking food. So, less food and more ellipicating makes me grouchy.

And then I think of what is happening with other people, and I'm less grouchy. Still Stinky, though.

Thoughts are underway here to do an event for Haiti when we get back from holiday...mid-February. So important to get help now. But equally crucial to continue the effort after the first not forget. Our IGA (grocery store) has joined so many around the world in collecting money...very easy. Just add 5, 10 - one dollar to the bill and it goes to the Red Cross. Brilliant, elegant idea. Easy and effective.

1,400 Canadians are missing in Haiti. The top Canadian cop - an RCMP Superintendent - was killed when the UK building collapsed. 40 of the 50 Habitat for Humanity workers are missing. But people are still being saved.

Hope. Now there's a quality. both a gift and a curse.

More stuff to do here before we head off to St. Lucia. Thank God Pat and Tony come and stay - look after all the details to do with the feeding the birds and finding the bats. And Trudy, of course.

Amazing, though, the details to be sifted through to clear up the agenda before vacation. Slugging away. All well worth it.

A blessedly quiet day ahead...I think... writing the newsletter - working on permissions and a few translation questions. Tomorrow we're meeting My Assistant Lise for lunch - that's always a treat.

Talk to you tomorrow. Take care.


Mason Canyon said...

Our local Kroger grocery store is doing the same thing. Like you said it's a brilliant idea that makes it easy and convenient for the customers.
I watched some of the news from Haiti last night. It was inspiring to see some being saved after all this time and hope that more would be. At the same time they showed villages where rescue workers hadn't even been yet. So sad.

Hope your vacation gets well.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the Brutal Telling
Have a good trip.
Emily Rutherford