Sunday, 3 January 2010


blizzard, blowing snow, temps minus 14

But inside it's snug and warm, fire laid ready to be set. Coffee on the pine table beside me. Laptop open. Surrounded by notes and manuscripts, books. Michael writing. Trudy sleeping - wet and stinky from chasing her ball through the storm, digging for it, finding it, tossing it into the air herself. Rolling on it.

And today is the gift. No one coming. We're going nowhere. Will sit by the fire or the television, or in the bath. Doing what I want to do.

Rock Cornish Game hens for dinner.

Tomorrow...more snow. More quietude. More peace.


As we all know - anything can happen! Still, for now while the blizzard snows us in and throws itself against our home, we are inside with everything we need.


Donna K said...

Dear Louise,

Thanks again for giving. You are an inspiration to anyone, whether they are burdened or not.

Thanks for Three Pines which captivates us with the warmth and humanity and...everything else.

Will never forget my excitement when I read Still Life just last year or so, telling everyone, and catching up with the other books. And the overwhelming desire to contact you about that. And now I enjoy reading about other bloggers who are recently 'aboard'..

Thank you for your humor, sharing your real feelings and experiences, and most of all for adding another layer of interest and enjoyment to my life. Also, thanks for making us, the readers, feel special to you.

Hoping that 2010 is a healthy and happy year for you, Michael and loved ones, and all the Bloggers.

p.s. I envy your blizzard. We had ours. Too much to hope for another.


elizab eth said...

Here in Ottawa where it's been snowing more or less continually since Xmas we're experiencing the same "quietude". Last day before school starts again. Time to catch our breath. I'm listening to Sting's performance of 17th C composer John Dowland's lute songs--enchanting love songs perfect for a day with no commitments and only the snow drifting slowly down. Of course, the plough will come any minute, pile a metre of ice into my driveway and destroy the mood! Happy New Year. Please continue this year with more of the same. I never tire of it.

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

I love the moods you set, with Three Pines and your blogs. Today's especially I loved - you surrounded by your notes and books, Michael writing, and the best of all "wet and stinky Trudy". What a perfect image of a golden retriever at her best - asleep beside her loved ones, dreaming of the day she has just had, and the delightful smells emanating from her warm body. Just love it!

I echo all of Donna K's sentiments.



lil Gluckstern said...

Thank you for the peace and warmth you evoke. The best thing about blizzards is that "quietude" is all you can do, until it's over. Thank you for your kind words. Your grace is always there along with your humor. Your perceptiveness is reflected in your writings, and my own "little life" is made better by you and people like you.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

What beautiful comments - thank you. I feel warmed by them, no small feat given the blizzard outside.

speak soon.