Saturday, 30 January 2010

Got Milk?

rain and sun mix, warm, temps 28

It seems St. Lucia is like this...a mix of brilliant, blazing sun, and then a rain shower. A little frustrating at times as we skiddadle inside, then outside. As Michael says, it is at least exercise.

Happy to report, the clothes still fit and the salt water and buffet have not yet shrunk them.

Had another massage - heaven - and my upper lip waxed. Decided this needed to be strategic. Do not wax on the last day here because not only do the hairs come out, so does the tan. So I would have ended up with a brown face, and a very white moustache.

I burned yesterday. Ironic since I'd just bought the strongest sun block I could find. When we put it on i had to double check the tube to make sure it wasn't latex paint. After two days in the sun, using sun block, I realized it was working and I was not burning, but neither was i tanning. hate to come back to Canada whiter than when i left - which is quite a feat given few things on earth are whiter than a Canadian in winter. the only thing that distinguishes us from snow is our clothing. yet another good reason to wear clothes in winter. Without them Canada just looks like a bunch of mobile snow drifts. Reminds me of one of my favorite mae West quotes: "I used to be as pure as the driven snow - then I drifted.'

We're doing a lot of drifting here! Continue to relax and unwind and having a fab time. We get kicked out of the Presidential Suite Monday. There'll be claw marks on the floor. Trying to be sanguine about it, but it will be hard to go back to any normal room now that we've seen 'Paree". Still, such fun to have it now!!

We went off to another Sandals - the Regency - for dinner last night. japanese. As the bus pulled out from the Grande (where we're staying) Michael and I looked at each other and laughed...seemed very strange to be leaving. half expected a huge bubble to appear and take us back to the village.

It was a very fun 40 minute drive to the Ragency...great dinner...then home.

The adventure continues...though as you can see, it isn't much of an adventure...though we're discovering untold and buried caverns of laziness. Untapped - and deep.

I think I hear the siren song of the buffet.

Speak in a couple days....


Lee Ann said...

This all sounds lovely, particularly as we are in the process here of getting four to six inches of snow. There is a children's picture book by Leo Lionni (sp?) called "Frederick" which you should read when you return to the frozen north--you are doing for us what Frederick does for his friends.

Enjoy every minute!

Brenda B. said...

A sunny, bitter cold day here in Maine, too, which makes reading of your adventures all the sweeter.

Thank you for these wonderful tales.



Cece said...

I disagree-you are doing something out of the ordinary-that IS an adventure! Enjoy it with both hands.

No snow in Pennsylvania, but wind chill 9 degrees here today. Thought you'd like to know.

Shelagh said...

Loved your Mae West quote - hadn't heard that one before!

In August, 2006, a couple of weeks after my twin sister died (leukemia) I needed to be off by myself somewhere and my cousin suggested Niagara on the Lake. Excellent choice! However, I had not made a reservation anywhere and did not realize N-O-L in the middle of August is not the place to go without a reservation. Ended up in the most expensive suite in the Prince of Wales hotel! No butler, I'm afraid, but the room was as big as my house here in Michigan. The only way to travel!!

Enjoy the rest of your stay, and thank you for your regular updates.

Hugs, Shelagh

lil Gluckstern said...

I love how you are relishing your days! I want one of those caverns of laziness-guiltfree. At home there is always something to do-have to take the rest as it comes. No freezing temps, just days of rain, which we need, so it's hard to complain. So I just imagine myself, smiling at you on the beach....


Dana said...

I am appalled that you will have to leave the Presidential Suite. Can we call somebody and complain? I was just settling in!
Bill Clinton has been saying VERY nice things about Canadians recently. Perhaps he has some pull.


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

It's a shame that you will have to leave the Presidential Suite on Monday, but whatever you end up with, I'm sure Sandals will take very good care of you.

We got more snow and temps of 17. I thought that was unconstitutional in Washington, DC.

Continue your lovely holiday and come back refreshed and rarin' to go.

Bev Stephans

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Well, as much as I might sometimes make you laugh and smile (can't think why) you have me in stitches often, relating stories, giving suggestions...being appalled at the putsch that expelled us from office. You're hilarious.

I must look for Frederick...thank you.