Friday, 1 January 2010


light snow all day, mild, temps hovering around freezing

So far I love 2010. Quiet, peaceful, gentle. Even had a nap on the sofa in front of the fireplace. No year can be bad that starts so well.

Cafe au lait and the last of the Christmas cake. Editing mass market edition of THE BRUTAL TELLING. Heaven.

Having a wonderful time reading and responding to the flood of quotes from subscribers to the newsletter. A reader sent a quote recently and I put it on the top of the January newsletter and decided to hold an on-going contest. Every month I'd place a new quote at the top, sent by a reader, and if theirs is chosen they get a small gift as thank you. I adore quotes, and clearly lots of other people do too. What fun this is.

Indeed, Cathy in Toronto just sent this quote and it seemed appropriate to share it with you now:

"Write it in your heart that every day is the best day of the year" Ralph Waldo Emerson

This being the start of a new year and new decade one becomes reflective. I've had such great fortune in the past year. A Rule Against Murder came out in January in the US and hit the NY Times list...the first of my books to do it. A thrill I will never recover from.

Michael and I had a fabulous, quite miraculous month in Quebec City researching Bury Your Dead - the 6th Gamache book. that got written through the late winter and spring - editing through the summer and into the autumn.

The Cruelest Month won the Agatha. Cannot begin to describe how exciting that was!

THE BRUTAL TELLING came out and went immediately onto the New York Times Bestseller list and stayed there for 3 weeks! And was chosen an IndieNext pick by the Independent Booksellers, but also by Barnes and Noble as their Main Selection. It was thrilling - I cried when I heard the news I was so dumbfounded and happy.

Lots of great professional news, and on the personal front Michael and I continue to be blessed - with a few hurts along the way, of course. Losing Maggie was hard...such a brave puppy. Lose John was harder. Such a brave man. As was Michael.

But Michael's eyes, always fragile, underwent a delicate procedure that would either cure it or leave him blind in that eye with the other threatened. I cancelled touring with THE BRUTAL TELLING (with the full blessing and support of Minotaur Books in the US - which I will never forget)...and the operation was a complete success.

I know many of you have seen loved ones struggle with ill health. Some of you have seen bad news turn worse. And been there at the end. I know some of you have received dreadful news about your own health. And continued to put one graceful foot in front of the other.

this time last year I could never have predicted what would happen. The moments of joy, of delight and gratitude. And the others. The sorrow.

I wonder what I'll be writing about a year from now? All I really hope is that Michael is healthy and happy - and that whatever comes we can accept, and make everyday the best day of the year.

Here in Quebec there's an expression. Bien Etre. Well Being.

I wish you all, and myself, Bien Etre as we head into 2010. I must say, it sure sounds like a good year. Not sure just does. 2010.


Nancy said...

Louise, thank you for sharing your thoughts today and every day. And thank you for your very perceptive books with their very human characters. I wish you a wonderful 2010.

Damyanti said...

Lovely post about the ruminations on a year past. I did that too, in a sort of vague, undecided sort of way. Nice to read something so full of musing and reflection.

Anonymous said...

When do you expect to publish
Bury Your Dead?