Thursday, 21 January 2010


partly cloudy, cool, temps minus 5

Nice drive in...crazy squeezing ourselves out of the house. Happily Pat and Tony and their dogs showed up to move in and that always helps.

We decided to visit a place called Bikini Village in downtown Montreal. Once we found parking we got side-tracked. Well, I was side-tracked...Michael was on the real mission. Seems he'd lured me downtown with the promise of Bikini Village, but the real agenda was to see Avatar.

I was in no rush to see it - the adds looked ok, but I prefer live-action to animated, or approximated, characters.

I was wrong. It was spectacular. The 3-D is magnificent. I even enjoyed the story. The critiques say the plot is thin - but I think they're confusing simple with thin. It was spell-binding. Highly recommend it.

Then, despite the fact the sun had already set, I dragged him over to Bikini Village. Not that I planned to buy a bikini - I'd have to be really batty to consider that. Sandals would upgrade us to our won desert island. But they have other things.

Michael, dragged against his will, bought two pairs of shorts. And I got a bathing suit and a skirt thing. More stuff to take to St. Lucia.

It's now 6pm and we've just arrived at the appartment in Montreal. Hectic day tomorrow. Michael's eye appointment - meeting friends for a quick lunch - Sharon and I will head to Charlie's hockey game while Jim and Michael head to the visition for our mutual friend. After the game Sharon and I will join them. Then Michael's son coming over for drinks, and the two men will go out for dinner.

I'll watch a video and try not to eat pizza. Hoarding calories for the buffet table. I'm a woman with a plan. Very powerful. Stand back.

Might not blog tomorrow - a little packed...but will chat with you Saturday.

Hope you're thriving. Stay well.


hedgehog_reader said...

Dear Louise,

I had not thought of "Avatar" as having a simple story; have to say I agreed with the critics that it was thin. But then you shed a different light on it by describing it as "simple" and I must agree with you, as did my 10-year old grandson who very definitely disagreed with the critics' summation.

What a busy Friday for you and Michael tomorrow. Thank goodness for Santa Lucia! Enjoy your rest - I do like the idea of you being on the beach thinking of your next book to write! -YES!!

Shelagh said...

The above comment (hedgehog_reader) is from Shelagh. I was playing around with Google and ended up as above, which is not what I wanted!


Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of your before taking off on your vacation. May the day go smoothly and one slice of pizza wouldn't be too bad. :)
Safe traveling around town.

Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise,

Bon voyage to you and Michael. Hope the trip (and the butler, and the buffet) are even better than what exists in your vivid imagination.

I just caught up with your post from yesterday and was glad to see your mention of Robert Parker's death. I was privileged to take two creative writing courses with him when I was a 20 year old student at Northeastern University in Boston.

I can't recall the grades I earned but know my work was as immature as I was. What I do remember is that he consistently offered encouragement (however gruff) and made me feel like I was a writer, just like he was.

Best to you and Michael on your vacation. I hope you have a blast.

Brenda in Maine

Dana said...

Have a wonderful time at Sandals and enjoy being pampered.


lil Gluckstern said...

You will definitely have earned your trip. Thanks for the tip on Avatar; it is becoming a must see around here too. Enjoy your goodies that you are buying, and bon voyage!!

Dana said...

Louie, while you are in Saint Lucia try to find the hot baths. My husband worked with the Geological Survey of Canada on the island in 68 as part of a massive study throughout the area. He was taken to these baths(really ruins) by the family who owned them at the time. Said to have been built early 19th century. No Sandals ther in '68, but lots of good and cheap rum!

Barb said...

Your pizza comment reminds me of my daughter, who, though she really doesn't need to, diets strenuously and works out extra days, before going to their timeshare in Aruba. When we were there last year, 7 pounds somehow lept onto me.... ; - )

Have such a great time in St Lucia!

Simple is, IMO, a good description of Avatar's plot, in that it leaves ample room for the viewer to add their own perspective.

Shelagh, glad to see I'm not the only one who has mishaps online. LOL


pbcreed said...

Ms. Penny, I bought one of your books on the bargain table at Barnes & Noble (I use the bargain table as a way of finding and trying new authors). Needless to say I couldn't put the book down. As soon as I finished it, I went back to the store and bought all the others! I read them all in about a week! I LOVE them. I also loved the Mitford Series by Jan Karon and somehow your books have the same feel to them for me - creating a life in a small village that I just want to jump into and live with your characters! Thank you! I anxiously await your next book! Patty

Lesa said...


It's been raining all week here. Not what we expect in Phoenix. Be glad you're heading for St. Lucia instead of the Valley Ho right now!

You and Michael have a wonderful, relaxing trip!


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your comments - love to hear others diet before intentionally eating themselves silly!

Dana - LOVE the Gamache mug ID photo. Wonderful.

Dear Patty - thanks for telling me about finding the books - and going back for more. And for comparing them to the gorgeous Mitford series. How kind you are.

And Madame Shelagh Hedgehog...there must be a story there about why you'd choose that nom de blog anyway!

And to all - I honestly adore reading your comments, to me and to each other. And hearing about your own lives. And thank you SO much for the good holiday wishes.