Wednesday, 3 February 2010


brilliant sunshine, temps 85

We have had three glorious days! If we'd only stayed for one week - as was our original plan - we might have been disappointed with the weather. last week it rained everyday - somedays all day, most days just off and on. And it was often blustery and overcast. Not dreadful - but unsettled and unsettling.

this week has been splendid.

What a difference it makes.

did I tell you we've been given a Rondoval? It's a top level luxury room - quite a bit better than we'd actually booked for this week. When we were booking all we could get was a concierge level suite (goodbye 'our butler') But the head butler, a man named Richard was so wonderful...he upgraded us again - to this Rondoval overlooking the Caribbean Sea! It has its own jaccuzi hot tub and plunge pool and chaise lounges and patio. Heaven! and inside is even better. It's like a luxury hut or tent...with the middle rising 20 feet to a point. The bathroom has an indoor and outdoor shower...a free standing huge tub...mosaic tiles. and windows everywhere.

We're just in awe - and bliss.

Went to the beach barbeque Monday. Sat with a young couple from Dallas. So sweet - SO young. And gorgeous. And very, very nice. When the young man went up to get her a steak she leaned toward us and said, 'e've been married 3 years and she's still the kindness man I've ever met.'

Isn't kindness wonderful? so often dismissed - mocked even. Mistaken for weakness.

Yesterday we lounged by the beach then went to the nearby Sandals Regency (40 minute bus ride) for dinner at La Toq - the high-end french restaurant.

Today - guess what??? We actually did something. Michael and I signed up for scuba lessons!!! 4 of us in a class with a terrific instructor. A little scary at first. We were given the lesson in a special scuba pool. What a feeling, to go underwater...and take that first breath. Goes against a lifetime of training, of certainty. You cannot breathe underwater. DO NOT breathe underwater. You'll drown.

And then, suddenly, to be able to breathe underwater. Wow. We spent an hour...after which the instructor felt we might need a little more time in the pool before heading out to do a dive in the sea. So we're going back tomorrow! then, we hope, off to sea.

Lovely day.

this is a very insteresting place too, to people-watch. the young couples, the older ones. The people lily white and those all red (me) and those so tanned they look - in the immortal words of Edina Monsoon - like an old man's scrotum.

It's very fun.

Wanted to say HI and touch base. don't forget your sun screen.

Speak soon!


Marjorie said...

Wonderful, Louise! I think that the Rondeval suite is considered the honeymoon suite and that seems very appropriate.

Today it snowed here in Connecticut. Today it was very cold. Friday we may be expecting a major snow storm. I am just trying to make you feel even warmer and even happier to be there, if that is possible!

Now I am off to contemplate old scrotums. Why? Because you put the idea in my head and I can't get it out.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Bev Stephans said...

Your vacation just keeps getting better and better. Sandals has really taken care of you and Michael.

Good luck with your scuba diving.

Bev Stephans

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds wonderful. But I'd just love to see the brilliant sunshine at this point and temps in the 60s. Georgia has been cloudy and we're to get rain again Thursday evening and Friday.

Enjoy the sunshine and sea. Good luck with the scuba diving. Have fun.

Lee Ann said...

We are looking at one foot plus of snow coming in tomorrow here in the DC area. I would welcome rain at this point.

Found my copy of "Frederick" last night, lurking in a child's bookcase. Some things we keep forever. I think I'll read it today.

Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

If April is the cruelest month, then I believe February is the longest month! We are cold here in New Hampshire and, from here, April sounds inviting.

Keep sending those visuals of sunshine, warm beaches and scuba diving!

Lesa said...


You always make me laugh with your posts. Thank you. I need that right now.

Enjoy every minute there with Michael.

lil Gluckstern said...

Loved this post filled with mental pictures, some more, uh interesting, than others. Your suite sounds wonderful, and how neat to take up scuba-ing. What an inspiration you two are. Hope your burn doesn't hurt. Rainy and cold here, but right now, I'm enjoying your sun, and a dip in the pool. Thank you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

We followed the weather forecasts and storm warnings in St. Lucia. What a wholloping the east coast had had. Hope it hasn't been scary too. Odd winter.

Every morning we find a digest from the New York Times at our door. Others get the London Times digest. Fascinating. To keep in touch with the 'outside' world, but barely. Quite nice, actually. Don't feel we're missing anything - re-assured the world is still there and turning without our help.