Thursday, 28 January 2010

Our Butler

sunny, hot, temps 32

We've ben here three days and Michael forgot what day it is. I told him it was Michael-Day and he seemed content.

Danced on the beach two nights ago - after dinner. Just us. The live music was in the open air lounge about 20 yards away, but we were behind a stand of palms...coming back from dinner at Gordon's restaurant, which is on stilts over the Carribean sea.

We've met our butlers...Amos is lovely - only met him yesterday - mostly we've been butled by the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. And clearly the most gorgeous woman Michael has ever seen.

Her name is Malaika. And now, along with the exotic bird calls and gentle rhythm of the waves there is another chorus. Michael saying, 'I think I'll just call Malaika. I'm a little thirsty.'

Actually, I'm as smitten as Michael. It's a very funny feeling to have a butler. sort of uncomfrtable, really since we want to take full advantage of having them, without actually taking advantage of them. Though that latter is becoming less and less of a concern as our vacation moves along.

I wish I could tell you we've learned scuba diving and visited the volcano - or kayaked. We barely get ourselves to the beach! But we do - and lie there reading, slathered in sunblock. We have quite a creative tan/burn. I think this is because we have two differnt types of block - a 30 and 60, and I believe I mixed up the two. So some sections are burned and some are blocked.

Were invited to the General Manager's cocktail party last night. Very elegant. His name is Winston and he has the happy capacity to remember not just what day it is, but peole's names.

Every time we return to our room (The presidential suite!!!! feel the need to repeat that) - some new surprise awaits. Two nights ago, after dinner on the quai and dancing on the beach we returned to find our bedroom lit by candles and flowers strewn on the bed. We both burst into tears. Last night someone had writted our names on the bed using palm fronds.

This is an extraordinary place.

We find ourselves exhausted - and might not actually leave the resort for the remainder of our stay.

We're very happy. And very, very glad to have you along. Happier still to have a butler!!! No - OUR butler. I need to say that because I suspect we won't be able to say that many more times in our lives. Our butler.



Marjorie said...

Sounds like heaven on earth. Especially because you are experiencing it with someone you love so much.

I hate to mention it, but since you are wonderfully out of touch there in paradise, I think you might want to know that J.D. Salinger passed today at the age of 91. Full life, lived the way he wanted.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Lousie and Michael-

Your stay sounds heavenly, and just what the doctor ordered. I bet you don't even remember the ice storm you blogged about a few weeks ago. I am always struck by your writing-I can smell the flowers and feel the sun; thank you for bringing us along.

Again, take all the pleasure, you have earned it.


Jeanine said...

Ahh ... dancing together alone on the beach with the one you love.

Ahh... peel me a grape!

Bev Stephans said...

Ir sounds like you are having an absolutely marvelous time. It's wonderful of you to take the time to tell us about it.

Happy Butling!


Mason Canyon said...

Sounds as though the vacation is going well. Enjoy and dance on the beach every chance you get.

Donna K said...

This is the best vacation I've ever heard about. Ever. I'm now spoiled. And long as Michael doesn't talk in his sleep!
of course not!

Just thought you should know that it is -2 below here Yesterday a 15
below zero wind chill all day as well. Walking to the car is excruciating. Faces all pinched up - Our long driveway is an ice rink-really. Walking like Rosa only slower. So savor each moment as I'm sure you are. How wonderful.
I hope you have some great photos taken.
Donna K.

Shelagh said...

A "Michael-Day". How special is that!!

Bitterly cold here in Michigan, but a gorgeous blue sky and sunshine. Nowhere near what you and Michael are experiencing, but there's no snow so I'll take it.

Hugs, Shelagh

Jeanine said...

Friday: Oh, Louise and Michael ... I do hope you were able to see that fabulous full moon tonight. So romantic. So invigorating to the soul on so many levels.

Rebecca said...

Did she tell Malaika is Swahili for Angel?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

How I love re-reading your comments and getting to comment myself now that I'm back! How wonderful you are - to feel for us, to be happy for us...and encourage it. Lovely. doubles our bliss.

And Malaika means Angel... gives me chills. We do feel we were transported to another place and time and blessed beyond anything we had any right to experience. But accept. We're very aware of how lucky we are.