Tuesday, 5 January 2010


flurries, temps minus 7

Got the car dug out this morning - amazing what the promise of french toast and bacon will do. Do you think that's what motivated the pioneers? Being told there was a plate of French toast and bacon waiting for them in the West? For that I might survive. Step aside Lewis and Clark, coming through...

Did a bunch of chores in Cowansville, then lunch with Cotton at the Cafe Inn...loads of fun. Also stopped by the bookstore. Danny and Lucy, when not selling books, are madly packing Vive Gamache mugs...such fun to think of so many of you also sipping a favorite beverage from them.

And now we're home, with absolutely no intention of heading out snowshoeing. Tomorrow, as we know, is another day. Speaking of tomorrow I have a newspaper interview at 10am, Kirk and Jane are coming at 10:30 with fabric samples, and have a skype test at noon for a conference call that is fast approaching.

And then I think I will finally take down the Christmas decorations. Was thinking of going for the record but have capitulated.

Must say it is excruciatingly beautiful outside. The trees are covered in snow...difficult to tell where the forest ends and the sky begins. Everything looks like it has been dusted in icing sugar. or snow.

Off to the bath...or perhaps I should exercise. Damn. Wish I hadn't remembered.

Speak to you tomorrow...stay safe.


Barb said...

Brrrr! I'm hearing from people all over with bitter cold temps, while here in Western Colorado, we're not so bad off, weatherwise.

Had ordered some hot chocolate for our Keurig and it just arrived a little while ago, I can't wait. Had been drinking so much of it that it clogged up the machine AND I ran out before the new batch got here. Sigh...

I wish you could heat up whipped cream and put it in hot chocolate..


Jen Forbus said...

I'm a scrooge when it comes to snow. I absolutely hate it and never think it looks beautiful, maybe that's because no matter what I always end up having to go out in it. Maybe if I could just hibernate in my house until it was gone, I'd feel different?

My Gamache mug arrived before Christmas. They did such a wonderful job of packing it, so it made the trip safely! And I love the book plate. While you signed all my books in Indy, Louise, I'm giving my friend a copy of THE BRUTAL TELLING and I can tuck it inside for her.

Hope the French toast and bacon were outstanding...I think I have a hankering now. :) Happy Wednesday!


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Barb,

Oh, I envy you! I wish we could get hot chocolate capsules for our machine...and totally agree about the whipped cream. If they can do it for shaving cream, why not whipped?

Bitter cold is no fun, I agree. And can be pretty scary. Stay warm. Michael insists you have at least one hot chocolate a day...and he is a doctor.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Jen,

Such fun to know you got a Gamache mug. Aren't Lucy and Danny at Brome Lake Books just the best??

And great to hear from you, Jen. for those who might not know, Jen runs a terrific website dedicated to readers and writers...well worth a visit.

Barb said...

Well, I'll be sure and follow the doctor's orders, Louise. :) Tried the dark chocolate hot chocolate last night and loved it!

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I don't know whether or not that you'll read this as it is posting so late.

I think Danny should get a medal for the way he helped me from Brome Lake Books. First, he told me there was only one mug set aside for me. When I groaned, he said that he would hold it for me and send the other one along with it.

When they arrived, one of the mugs was chipped. I then called Danny and told him my terrible tale. He told me they were trying to cut down on the shipping costs. He said he would send another mug. When it arrived, it was in perfect condition and he did not charge me for it! What a great team. Good reason for independent book stores.

I love soup and the Gamache mug is perfect for soup. I will be eating soup for lunch for a long time.

Bev Stephans

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bev,

What a beautiful, generous comment! I'll pass it on to Danny and Lucy. They are the nicest couple. They have three young sons and also volunteer at the local amateur theatre, directing plays and sometimes acting. They're vital parts of the community and Michael and I adore them!! If anyone comes by the townships you must drop by Brome Lake Books in Knowlton.

Thanks for your kind words, Bev. So glad you're enjoying the mugs!!