Sunday, 17 January 2010

You're welcome

overcast, mild, temps minus 3

Lovely spring-like day.

Had a message from Lise (My Assistant Lise, who is also head of Research and Development for our military-industrial complex) - she's read the blog. Honestly, this blog is getting me into trouble! She wrote an email subject line: Thanks A Lot!

hmmm. I sensed sarcasm.

then she went on to explain that since she not only is president of R&D and My Assistant Lise, she is also our gardener, she will almost certainly be the one dealing with Monsieur ou Madame Bat in the spring, which when last seen had been chucked into the shed. The garden shed.


Now, her assistant, Donna, is a profoundly courageous woman when it comes to emotions and doing what is right. But a profound chicken when it comes to anything with a heartbeat other than herself. This isn't a problem when dealing with roses and tulips and dirt. But it is a problem when dealing with snakes (which our garden grows), mice, spiders, and perhaps no surprise, bats.

Donna also reads this blog.

I can see that the problem is not the bat, it is the blog. And reading it.

Hoping to finish the mass market proofs today, send off the changes, and write the February Newsletter. If you receive it you know I launched a contest...asking people to send me their favorite quotes. I've been happily deluged. I adore quotes and this is riches beyond my dreams.

It was always going to be hard choosing the 'winner' - but now I think I will choose one that also speaks to what is happening in Haiti...the grief and the courage - and the generosity.

So I'll be sitting safe and warm and content in front of the fire, reading this wonderful quotes, and pondering.

Quiet day. How lucky I am.


Mason Canyon said...

I've been following your bat story and love it. I must say you were more courageous than I would have been to handle the bat in the first place. With all this attention, I can see the bat being named and having it's (since we're not sure if it's male or female) own following. How cute. :)

Since I'm in Georgia I can't say the minus 3 temperature sounds like a lovely spring-like day, but it does make me appreciate the 48 degree, rainy weather we're having.

I love your blog.

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

Just tell Lesa to "woman-up" and get the bat. You and Donna can stand right behind her giving her instructions. Sounds like a good plan to me.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Mason,

Ha, now there's an idea. start a contest to name the bat. That might also make it easier for Donna. She can stop thinking of it as a bat and think of it as Ashley or Bruce or Steve. Or Tiffany.

So glad you're enjoying the blog! Thanks for telling me, and for commenting.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Bev,

I have a better plan. You get the bat and Lise and Donna can stand behind you. I actually think Donna and her tennis racket might be more of threat than 'Tiffany' the bat. I'll make the hot chocolate. and have a nap. A bat nap.