Friday, 8 January 2010

no sun!

soft flurries, temps minus 8

Back home in Sutton after a fun, quick, trip to Vermont. Did the interview with Fran Stoddard for her Vermont Public Television show 'Profile". almost 30 minutes...bliss. She's a riot, and very, very thoughtful. the time just flew by. And I looked like neither Bozo nor Phyllis Diller. Since I did my own make-up and am very lazy (apparently once you put mascara on one eye you really should do the other - and I can never be bothered to do both the upper and lower I get the upper done and figure good enough) I ended up looking quite a bit like Gloria Swanson. Not the Sunset Blvd Gloria, but the Carol Burnett one.

On top of that, Fran is tiny and I am not. We looked like different species. I thought, as the interview progressed, it would be fun to slowly, slowly sit up straighter and straighter, so that it looked like I was being inflated. But I didn't. Instead I contented myself with looking like an expanded Gloria Swanson to her delicate, delightful ingenue.

I'll let you know when it airs and put the link up on the website...along with the link for Shelagh Shapiro's radio interview yesterday. Now, wouldn't you know it - but Shelagh and I are exactly the same height - but on radio it is hardly noticeable.

We also met Michael and Nancy - a lovely couple from St. Albans - who came to VPTV so I could sign their books. Such fun to meet them.

Speaking of the website, had a hilarious email from the fabulous Linda Lyall, who manages and designs my website and newsletter. We've never met, though she feels like a sister/daughter (I realized fairly recently that yes, she is young enough to be my daughter!!) As you know, Britain is being slammed by winter weather - snow in particular. Very's what Linda, from Scotland, wrote...

Britain seems to have gone into a state of panic (well in England anyway) apparently (according to sky news) we are going to run out of food, road grit, gas then die a cold death, after that the polar bears are going emigrate here!. You have to take your hats of to our media they love to create as much wide scale panic as possible as soon as a bit of harsh weather rolls in. Anyway so far we are doing fine, I can only imagine how hard a Canadian winter gets, we should send some of these reporters over to your country and they might start to realise we have it pretty easy.

If you're reading this from the UK, know that we do sympathize. Snow can be pretty scary. Linda, in Scotland, is wonderful. she's had her kids making snowmen and toboganning etc...trying to make the best of it.

For our part, we drove home through snow squalls, but it was very beautiful. if you're equipped with winter tires and the experience it isn't too bad. And the snow wasn't terribly heavy. Got back to Sutton in time for lunch at the Tintoretto - then home. Trudy was happy to see us...and we were thrilled to see her.

But as beautiful as this snow is, we can hardly wait to head to St. Lucia! Trying not to wish away the next two weeks...not totally successfully.

Tomorrow I'll be doing another small edit on the novella called THE HANGMAN. The challenge with the novella is that since it is for emerging readers there are certain 'rules' to watch for. the sentences must be shorter. They should not start with an 'And' or a 'But' (many of mine do)...and a few other things that I pay no attention to normally. It's a fascinating balancing act between my style and voice in storytelling, and making it as accessible to new adult readers as possible.

It's almost there - but one more polish is necessary. Laurel, the editor, has sent some suggestions. I haven't read them yet, but will tomorrow, and hope to get it done quickly. I hate to say this, but I'm fighting to start my time off - which I thought would start Jan 1st - but it keeps getting nibbled away. I'm getting pretty close to just saying, nicely I hope - 'Enough'.

Take care - will speak with you tomorrow! Watch out for polar bears.


Dana said...

I can sympathize with Linda. Here in Florida we are getting advice about scraping windshields with credit cards, layering clothes, and putting vasoline on our cheeks! And it is above freezing. I think a good dose of cold brings out the weather talk in all nationalities and makes me feel right at home - and a little smug beacuse I do have gloves and other luxuries left over from the drive south.
St. Lucia will be such a wonderful time in the middle of the winter. I can't wait for you to take us there.

bgpringle said...

Today Mississippi stayed below freezing - the high was 29F ( -3C) The cold "Canadian" weather with winds from the north gave us a wind chill we'd forgotten in the last 30 years!! Stay warm everyone. Hot cocoa and a nice fire are the answer.

lil Gluckstern said...

Stay warm and safe everyone, you have my sympathy. All we've been having is showers and the occasional earthquake. Bit of a swarm lately, but no damage. I live south of San Francisco which is lovely, but not terribly warm, or terribly cold for that matter. We complain when it is in the thirties or in the eighties. Poor us, right? I've seen video of the ice and snow in the middle of our country, and the snow in England. Again lovely to look at, but not so easy to live. I will enjoy going to St. Lucia for a breather!
Thinking of you,


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

It's been so cold here lately, that the politicians are freezing to their seats when they manage to find them (with both hands). Just gotta love Washington, DC in January.

That was a hoot about the UK not being able to keep up with their cold. The Monty Python troupe could probably do something with that.

Have a great time in Santa Lucia.

Bev Stephans

Barb said...

Comforting to hear that the media seem to have the same reactions to inclement weather everywhere, and also the same reactions they have to just about anything, LOL!

We've lived in places where there were typhoon warnings and learned not to go to the grocery store for anything, as there were long lines of people "stocking up" for a possible few days without power, etc. I always wondered how they'd manage to keep all those perishibles from perishing, and got a good laugh at overhearing people saying that they and/or their kids absolutely could not last a few days without fruit. Alrighty, then. :)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Totally agree that the problem is not heat or cold, it's when it is unexpected - in areas unequipped. Here it would be odd and upsetting it the temperature was 60 degrees.

I echo your prayers and hopes that everyone stays warm and safe...and good neighbours. It is so easy to look after ourselves and forget to share, or help. I know I often have to struggle with that. But I'd hate to think I made a bad situation worse.

Still, it's easy for me to say, snug and warm and safe at home.

Be well!

Kate E. said...

First time blog reader & commentor...big fan!

As a librarian I am thrilled, THRILLED that you are writing a book for new readers. I mainly focus on young adult and I imagine it will be wonderful for our older teens who are working on their reading skills as well. Thank you so much for writing it, it makes my job one book easier!

On a more personal level my new sister-in-law is new to this country and learning English and I can't wait to be able to give it to her as well.