Monday, 18 January 2010

Dilys Nominee!!!!

Hi there,

I just had to give you the fabulous news that THE BRUTAL TELLING has been nominated for a Dilys Award in the US! Robin Agnew, of Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor just wrote to tell me.

The Dilys is one of my favorite awards - it's given out by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA) in the United States and it is for the books they most enjoyed selling in the past year. So it is very meaningful. I'm absolutely beyond thrilled. One of my other books, STILL LIFE, was nominated and even won! I don't think I'll win this year...too many great books on the list. I think Alan Brandley will win for his terrific debut. Here's the list of nominees...

2009 Nominees

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Alan Bradley, Delacorte
A Quiet Belief in Angels, R.J. Ellroy, Overlook
The Dark Horse, Craig Johnson, Viking
The Girl Who Played with Fire, Steig Larsson, Alfred A. Knopf
The Ghosts of Belfast, Stuart Neville, Soho
The Brutal Telling, Louise Penny, Minotaur
The Shanghai Moon, S. J. Rozan, Minotaur

Yay - such great company.


lil Gluckstern said...

Yay Louise! Some really good books, but who knows? Good, good Luck!!!

carolynyalin said...

Congratulations. Someone just told me about your books, and being from Canada (once living in Mtl) I'll have to check them out.

carolynyalin said...

Congratulations. Someone just told me about your books, and being from Canada (once living in Mtl) I'll have to check them out.

Margaret J. McMaster said...

That's wonderful news, Louise. Enjoy the moment. By the way, my husband and I love the mugs. They double as soup bowls.

bgpringle said...

Congratulations Louise - wonderful company but well deserved.

whalewatcher said...

Congratulations! I have not read all those other books, but it wouldn't matter. My loyalties are firm and I think yours would be the best.
Have a wonderful vacation.

Dana said...

Congratulations, Louise. Well deserved and thrilling for all of us bloggers too.

Audrey said...

Congratulations, Louise for your well-deserved nomination. I think it's very likely that the 6 other authors are thinking THEY won't win because The Brutal Telling surely will. (Ever the optimist --Keep the vision!) And enjoy your hard earned downtime in luscious St. Lucia. Those of us shivering here in the Midwest U.S. are very jealous.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on a well-deserved award. You are in good company, but they are in great company with you included. Wishing you all the best, as well as a safe and fun vacation.

Shelagh said...

Wonderful news, Louise, and so well-deserved. When will the award be announced?
Have a wonderful and fun vacation.

Bev Stephans said...

Congratulations on the Dilys nomination. I really hope you win, as The Brutal Telling was your best book so far.

Bev Stephans

Kay said...

Congratulations, Louise! Well deserved. You are among a great group I see. Some really fine books listed, as well as, naturally, The Brutal Telling.

Marjorie said...


The best part is that this is just another wonderful thing that will bring more readers to your books. And that is something that we all want.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

EC Sheedy said...

Congratulations on the nomination, Ms. Penny. I have had your books recommended to me more than once--and I am starting with the audio of THE BRUTAL TELLING. Over 13 hours, it says on the box, which is the perfect amount of time for my and my husband's drive home to BC from California. I am so very much looking forward to *discovering* you.

Kaye Barley said...



I LOVE this!


Louise Penny Author said...

Hello all,

Wow - do you feel my heart soaring? I do. thank you for this...sure feels great to have you all along for the ride - bumps and all! And it's so wonderful too to hear from new readers...thank you so much for writing.

I don't actually know the date of the award, except that is is given out at a convention called Left Coast Crime. It moves each year up and down the west of the US.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything -