Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Oxford Cafe

Mainly sunny, temps minus 5

Glorious day. Lots of fun yesterday - can't quite believe we got everything done without annoying everyone, mostly ourselves. It started off really well at the eye doc. We can, and have, sat there for 3 hours waiting...but this time he took us immediately and Michael was in and out in an hour. Eyes great! Small issue perhaps with the right eye - pressure a little high - but he has an appointment with the glaucoma man when we get back. Then off to do some fast chores...see our friend Sharon's painting in Cafe Creme - a coffee shop/gallery in Westmount. Then we met Jim and Sharon for lunch at another cafe/gallery.

Sharon is full of life and energy and beans. Great artist and wonderful friend. Such a joy seeing them both.

Then off to Charlie's hockey game. Thank God they had heaters in the area. Those places can be refrigerators. Close game...the other team's goalie was fantastic. And the woman sitting next to me - we struck up a conversation she was there to root on her grandson - pointed out that the other team was both girls and boys. Indeed, their best player, by far, was a girl. But until she pointed it out I hadnm't noticed. So much padding. Only the hair sticking out was a clue.

Charlie is a wonderful player. Very fast, very skilled. And his team one. But a squeaker...1-0.

I dropped by the locker room to give him a mass of fudge from the Sutton fudge lady. Enough to share. Then scooted over to the funeral home for Ron Jamieson's visitation. He was 93 and owned as little red sports car. Very lively man. So this really was a celebration.

Then home - and Michael and his son went off for dinner and I watched a fun documentary on Valentino. The designer.

I must admit I wasn't even tempted to watch the telethon on Haiti. We've given quite a bit of money and I just could not stand to see more of the suffering, or hear about it. Perhaps in a few days. I still watch the news. Still organizing an event in the village for when we return, as a fundraiser.

Needed, and took, time 'off'.

This morning Michael and I met sister-in-law Mary (Charlie's mother) and her mother Marg - visiting from Toronto - for breakfast. At Jim and Sharon's suggestion we tried out a place that was new to us - but close to Lower Canada College, where Charlie's hockey tournament is being played. An old style, bit worn, Ma and Pa diner called the Oxford Cafe, in the Notre-dame-de-Grace area. We had a booth, and shared our breakfasts of Eggs Benedict, plain pancakes, mango and black current pancake, fruit plate and bacon. And syrup. And hot chocolates and coffee.

Yuuuum. As you can see, we are in training for Sandals. Hate to have our stomaches shrink.

And now home for a quite afternoon. Bliss.

Speak to you tomorrow.


lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise,

Do you think you burned some calories watching hockey? Just kidding. But you are so active that you can afford breakfasts that go on and on. I've given to Haiti, and watched a little, but the poignancy got to me, and watched some recorded stuff instead. When exactly are you leaving? Are we going to suffer from withdrawal again? BTW, hedgehogs always remind me of Alice in Wonderland, and the wild croquet game. I like your name, Shelagh, very elegant! I am certainly enjoying enjoying these posts, but I missed Thursday's completely. Must have had an Alice moment.


Jeanine said...

Have the most wonderful and relaxing vacation. You both deserve it!

Mercedes said...

Louise -- This is just a quick reminder to keep your eyes peeled for sightings of the St. Lucia Amazon, known locally as a "jacquot". This species, exclusive to the Island of St. Lucia, was almost extinct in 1975. Through habitat restoration and captive breeding programs avian conservationists have bumped their numbers up considerably. Now the St. Lucia parrot is "merely" endangered -- not extinct. These parrots are raucous and colorful. I thought Michael could wow them with his new shorts from Bikini Village! Bon voyage. -- Mercedes

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

So glad to hear the good news about Michael's eye. Reassuring for you both as you leave for your marvelous vacation.

I ordered my ticket today for your talk at Stratford, August 7. Yea!!!!!!!!

And Lil, thank you so much for my "elegant" name. I was born the day before St. Patrick's Day, in England, hence the Gaelic name.


Ree said...

Just finished reading "The Brutal Telling." Took me longer than usual because this past week was also the first full week of the semester, and I nearly tossed my students out of my office several times so I could get back to the story!

Once done, I immediately got online to hunt down a web site for you and find out if there was another Armand Gamache book coming out. So glad that there is!

I also want to thank you for putting the link to the Colm Quigley music on the site. I was enthralled by it!

A balmy 3.8 C here in NC, but we had a long spell of temps well below freezing a week or so ago. I accused my friend in Ontario of sending the Canadian cold down to us here! I don't know how you guys stand such temps!

Thank you again for such wonderful books and all the intriguing characters contained within them.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

I most certainly did burn calories! As I am now. Would have gotten a hot chocolate, in a cardboard cup - burns both the fingers and the tongue. A rule at kids hockey games - bystanders must have hot chocolate...but they started before I could get mine.

I'll be blogging while in St. pack up!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi jeanine,

Thank you!!! We are almost hysterical with excitement.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Mercedes,

Yes, there is a danger Michael will be captured and tagged - mistaken in his new swim suit for a giant, garish, parrot. I'll keep a close eye on him.

Thanbks for the Amazon info. I hadn't heard that.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Shelagh,

See you in Stratford! What fun!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ree,

Thank you for being so supportive - and for reading the books. I'm SO glad you're enjoying Three Pines and Chief Inspector Gamache. Also glad you liked Colm of my favorite pieces of music. We're planning to have a major launch of Book 6 - Bury Your Dead - in Quebec City this fall...and are trying to arrange for Leahy (who performs Colm Quigley) to play it there, as well as other music.

Ann Barbour said...

Hi Louise,Just read your blog and loved hearing all about the fun you are having and only wish I was there dancing in the moonlight myself. The Butler sounds like a splendid idea...I looked you up because I am choosing one of your books for our book club next month and now feel I have a new friend. Keep blogging, I love it! Ann Barbour (ex Montrealer)