Sunday, 24 January 2010

One More Sleep

Sunny - but rain expected - temps minus 5

Lovely morning, but a bit of a mess expected overnight and tomorrow. Hope it doesn't affect the flight! I try not to worry, since it's clearly pointless - but it bubbles up every now and then.

I've been very lucky with flights. The only time the weather played a big role while on tour was two years ago. I needed to fly out of Montreal in March for an event in Connecticut - I was supposed to leave Sunday, but a massive blizzard arrived and the airport was shut. I went to the airport at 4 am next morning and it was - of course - chaos. I was on a wait-list, but finallyn got on a flight to NYC around ten am...the even was 1pm. The PR man at Minotaur met the flight, whisked us into a waiting limo and off we zoomed. Missed the lunch, but made the actual discussion. Then I had the whole week of travel, from NYC to Detroit, to Arizona and California ahead of me. A little tough to start off so stressed and tired - but everything else worked out very well.

It's amazing, really, when you consider the number of lights, and connections, over the years while on book tour.

So - fingers crossed for tomorrow. Always a great feeling once the plane takes off, breaks through the clouds and we're on our way. Phew.

I've decided, after some agonizing - to leave the blackberry at home and the computer. My intention is to see if there's a business centre and blog a few days - but not everyday.

Funny - but this was a harder decision that it probably should have been. The problem with having both with me is I have almost no self-control. And it would be deeply sad to spend time on a blackberry or computer when paradise and Michael await.

So - no temptation. The Apple is left at home.

Our friend Cotton is dropping by our Montreal apartment in a few minutes. She's staying here a few nights while we're gone and we need to show her around. Besides that it will be a quiet day. Watched the US Women's Figure skating last night. Nail-biting. Beautiful.

Off now to water the plants asnd check-in to the flight online.

Thank you for all your well-wishes!!! We'll see you in St. Lucia!


Anonymous said...

enjoy your vacation. You need some time to yourselves.

Virginia said...

Relax and have a great time.

bgpringle said...

A good decision to leave the blackberry and computer at home - will make it a true vacation. St Lucia calls - the sun, sand, and seas. Bon Voyage and enjoy.

Kay said...

Louise, hope you both have a marvelous time. Lovely, lovely. Good decision to leave the electronics at home. Hard though. You'll survive and think of wonderful free time you will have. Take care.

Marjorie said...

We will miss the frequency of your blog posts, but we are thrilled that you will have the time to relax and recharge and come up with more new adventures for Gamache and company.

Enjoy it all, especially your time with Michael. We will be here when you return.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Shelagh said...

We certainly shall miss you, but leaving the blackberry and computer home was a good decision! Have an absolutely marvelous rest and vacation.

We'll be leaving the light on for you! (Not quite as good as "My other brother Daryl!)


Nancy Page said...

as your computer guru, i am not sure leaving the poor little mac at home is a good idea but as your friend (and Michael's!!!), it is a very wise choice. i left my laptop at home when G and I ran away over Christmas and was very happy i did!!
Enjoy Relax Enjoy .. see you when you get back.. xo .. NP

lil Gluckstern said...

Good decision, and we will miss you, but, yes, we'll be here. Just enjoy, sun and surf, and each other!


Bev Stephans said...

We all await your words of wisdom from a public computer.....if you can find one.

Have a wonderful time and let Michael strut his stuff in his wild shorts.

Bev Stephans

Marjorie said...

For those who want a Louise fix while she is away and haven't seen the short clips from the CBC Book Club on YouTube yet, here is a link to one of them and you can find the rest through this one. Look at the beautiful necklace that Louise is wearing:

Cut and paste here:

Cheers, Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the good wishes - have found the biz centre and read your very lovely comments.

Speak soon!