Wednesday, 13 January 2010


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Poor Haiti. Dear Lord.

Here is a list, from the Canadian Press, of reputable aid organizations currently seeking cash donations for relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Donations can be made at the web pages or by calling the appropriate phone numbers.

Canadian Red Cross (hoping to raise at least $2 million):, or call toll free 1-800-418-1111, visit any Red Cross office.

Humanitarian Coalition (consists of CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Quebec and Save the Children Canada):

Plan Canada:

Salvation Army:, or call 1-800-725-2769.

Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility customers can make $5 donations by texting the word "haiti" to 45678.

Donations can be mailed to Army Territorial Headquarters, Canada and Bermuda, 2 Overlea Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P4. Donations can also be dropped off at local Salvation Army units. Specify "Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund."

Unicef Canada:

United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto: or call 416-631-5705.

World Vision Canada:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has also compiled a guide designed to help the public avoid scams and ensure their donations are of maximum value: lp-aide-canadien.aspx

I know there are many, many organizations in your area too...


Shelagh said...

You are such a caring, special lady. Thank you for posting the list of reputable agencies helping with Haiti relief.

Those of us in the States should be able to find the U.S. equivalent easily enough.

Bless you.


lil Gluckstern said...

Glad to see you back, I was concerned. Your compassion is inspiring. This is a terrible tragedy for a country already on the brink, eternally, of disaster.


lil Gluckstern said...


I realized that I was a little shy about telling my story,and I don't know how personal this blog should or shouldn't be, but after going about my business, i thought I would give this a shot. After leaving Nazi occupied Austria, my parents landed in Haiti, which was welcoming White immigrants at the time. So I came to be born there, and enjoyed a rather comfortable life which was true for the White working population during the 40's and the 50's. My mom used to tell stories of finding chicken bones in my crib, left there by my Black nurse to protect me. I left there when I was two years old, but I have photographs which connect me forever to a lush tropical landscape. Unfortunately, this is not true for the desperately poor people there, and yesterday's earthquake has really upset me. Strange how a sixty five year old connection endures. I hope it was okay to write this, and I thank you for the connection I feel toward you.


Bev Stephans said...

Hi Lil,

What a sad, interesting story you tell. I usually try and hook-up with my local Salvation Army to direct my contributions.

Hi Louise,

Thank you for being so caring.

Love to you both,

Bev Stephans

Dana said...

Lil, Thank you for sharing your story. President Clinton was just on CNN and I think my donation will go to his organization. He spoke so sincerely about the people there and the chance that they must be given.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear lil,

Not at all too personal. I also appreciate your opening yourself to us. Thank you! This is a community - there for each other. I'm very, very glad you know you can tell us things that are personal.

I can well imagine this hit you in the chest...perhaps harder than even you expected.

Watching the coverage is shattering.

We're going to Medecines Sans Frontiers, but any help is good. I heard from some relief organizations the suggestion you give to organizations that already have a presence in haiti. Made sense to me - and God knows, with their record of need, there are a lot of aid organizations already on site. Unfortunately many of them are among the hurt and missing. Dreadful.

lil Gluckstern said...

Thank you all.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the info about The HUMANITARIAN COALITION'S Haiti efforts.

Cicely McWilliam
Save the Children Canada

hilary said...

I have a foster child in Haiti through PLAN. I am afraid to ask if they know what has happened to her -- and her family. They probably don't. Not yet. It goes without saying, but I will -- please send $


Barb said...

Lil, I'm glad you shared your story. :)

The news from Haiti is awful, and hopefully it won't be long before the country gets some of the relief that is pouring in.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear all,

such moving comments...and impressive to hear from Hilary of Save the Children Canada. I'd heard that almost half the haitian population are children. And of course, many of those have been hurt. And many have been orphaned.

Save the Children.

Louise Penny Author said...

oops, not Hilary but Cicely McWilliam. Very impressive.