Saturday, 9 January 2010


Sunny, spectacular day, temps minus 14

Desperately beautiful day. A day to gasp. Not a breath of wind, so the fluffy snow that fell over the past two days is balancing on everything - tree limbs, power lines, fences. Every tiny thing is outlined in snow. And then with the sun on it it just looks brilliant. This is what glory must look like.

Am listening to the Barry Lyndon soundtrack - baroque music - haven't heard it in decades, so it is like discovering an old friend. Fireplace on...power on. Not a given this time of year. We lost power twice yesterday. Once in the afternoon just as we arrived home. Hadn't yet had time to fill the tub with water. When our power goes out, since we're on a well, the pump stops - so no running water. First thing we do when we hear a storm is approaching is fill the tub with water.

Am about to dive back into THE HANGMAN - and make a cafe au lait in the Gamache mug (product placement alert). Oh, saw Julie and Julia last night with Michael. I adore Amy Adams but agree that mostly I just wanted to be with Meryl Streep and the great Stanley Tucci in France.

Speak tomorrow.


whalewatcher said...

Hello Louise,
Even though I live pretty far away those icy Canadian fingers of winter are reaching us today too...bbrrr.
Have seen Julie and Julia also and did enjoy it.
Was there mostly because I think Meryl Streep is the best character actress there is! Would recommend the Sherlock Holmes movie. I'm not a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan, but I thought the movie had a good plot, good acting and quick action.
Missed some info somewhere about The Hangman that your book or are you helping someone else out? If it is yours will it be available soon? : )
Well, now you've got me thinking about something hot to drink so...

Kay said...

Louise, so happy to hear you have a bit of sun. I know it must be beautiful, but still so very cold. The cold reaches all the way down to central Texas and we are quite, quite cold, for us anyway. I have ice on my hot tub, but the pool is briskly swishing around.

I loved Julie and Julia and I continue to be amazed at Meryl Streep. She is like a blank canvas upon which she paints each character that she portrays. So lovely.

Take care and stay warm!

Barb said...

I'd watch Meryl Streep read the phone book. :)

We're off to see Avatar in 3D later this afternoon. Our friends liked it so much they're coming with us to see it AGAIN! Now, I might draw the line after one viewing, we'll see.

Shelagh said...

I agree with you and the other bloggers re: Meryl Streep, and yes, I, too, would watch her read the phone book! Love Stanley Tucci, too. Did you see him in "Shall We Dance"?

It's a "balmy" 21 degrees here in Brighton, Michigan.I think that's about -6 C! But the sun is out and the glistening snow is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous blue sky, too. Makes the whole day seem fantastic.

Curious about Barb's reaction to "Avatar". Saw it with our 10-year old grandson - memorable!!

Stay warm,


Shelagh said...

Was double-checking Stanley Tucci in "Shall We Dance" and read his wife had died of cancer in May, 2009. How very sad.

whalewatcher said...

Ha! I like the 'I'd watch Meryl Streep read the phone book' clever way to put it and so true. One thing I wondered about she and Stanley Tucci is since they were also both in The Devil Wears Prada do actors request working together I wonder or do directors see the chemistry and cast them together again...just curious....

Jodi said...

Brrr here in NY too. 15F/-9C!!

@Barb and Whalewatcher: Careful what you ask for. I once said I'd happily listen to James Earle Jones read the phone book -- and he later became a spokesman for the phone company!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

sorry about our rude Canadian winter, like the uninvited guest who won't leave!

enjoying the discussion about Meryl Streep et al. And Avatar. We're heading in to Montreal tomorrow for a day (dentist) - I suspect Michael would love to see it. I'm curious, but no more.

Conflicted about the Sherlock Holmes. The promos look great, but the Holmes stories were so important to me growing up I can't see this re-imaginging of him as an action hero. His great appeal was not having to knock heads together. Cerebral...though willing to take action when necessary. But it does look like a fun film. Perhaps I can pretend it's another character.

My very first crush was on (well besides Keith Partridge and Robin, the Boy Wonder) Dr. Watson.

Barb said...

Hmm, will be watching to see if Meryl Streep becomes a spokesperson for any phone companies, now. LOL

Louise, I am not interested in seeing the new Sherlock Holmes for the reasons you mentioned, even though I admire the talent of Robert Downy, Jr.

From stuff I've heard and read, there are times when an actor can pitch working with another actor in a movie, depending on the pull that requesting actor has, and of course, what the director thinks, etc.

Must be that time of year. I've got a dental appointment tomorrow, Monday, and an eye exam on Tuesday.

Avatar... well, Tom and I enjoyed it, but weren't as enthralled as our friends. For one thing, it was about half an hour too long for me, who will fidget after 15 minutes anywhere. The storyline itself wasn't that great, although again, not bad. The draw was the 3D which was just absolutely outstanding! The theatre was one of the oldest in the nation, The Egyptian Theatre. One bathroom - unisex - 2 stalls, one with a half door that didn't lock and one with a curtain. LOL Good times. Oh, and a black cat that roamed the theatre at will.

Mexican food afterward.