Sunday, 2 August 2009

An uneventful, delightful, life

cloudy, rain, heavy at times, clearing now, windy, temps 17

After spending yesterday baking by the pool with the family today we lit the fire! Fun either way. Wardrobe getting a work-out.

Lovely day yesterday - went to the lit fest with heather O'Neil and Neil Smith in Knowlton. Wonderful. And packed. Then home for a few hours by the pool with family and then off to a meeting. Got home in time for a late dinner with everyone.

Today quiet day - only left to go for a cafe au lait with my brother in Sutton. Feels as though the day was spent doing not much of anything - some preparing food, some cleaing up, some chatting, some reading. Perfect.

Doug and I are off ar 5 tomorrow separate into Montreal and him back to Toronto. We're VERY similar. Both prefer to rise at ungodly hours to beat traffic that get up at a civilized hour and fight traffic. And this is the end of Quebec's construction holiday so the roads might be packed with people returning to the city and returning to work. So this suits out temperments.

Have had a wonderful visit. Have done no work! Haven't responded to any (well a couple) of the hundreds of people who wrote in yesterday, after the mailing of the August newsletter. Want to get to some more in the next couple of days to thank people for writing and being so supportive. People are so kind. It means a lot.

Dentist appointment in Montreal tomorrow at noon...and need to find a bookcase for the new apartment. I'm hoping to not have to go to Ikea (don't want to assemble the thing) but I feel Sweden calling).

Will let you know what happens!


Marjorie said...

Dear Louise,

Because you should be spending your time with more important matters (like writing!), the Montreal Ikea can get you someone to assemble whatever you buy. From their site:

IKEA Services
Do you need assistance getting your purchases home? Do you want help in assembling your furniture? We can arrange door-to-door delivery and recommend home assembly services.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Elizabeth said...

Better check out the CBC's website for today's article "Costly Cheap" for what it says about Ikea. Food for thought. Better yet, check out Mee Furniture in Hudson, Que. We have some gorgeous custom-made pieces from them made from real wood at reasonable prices, and they deliver. Lovely small company.

Jen said...

A friend loaned me a copy of two of your titles – Still Life and Dead Cold. I’m not a mystery reader and so I thanked my friend politely and went on to read what I already had in my book queue. When I ran out of books in my ‘new book stash’ – one night when I was desperate to read – I picked up Still Life. What a wonderful read. The characters are complex and so believable, and you make life in the Eastern Townships so inviting I almost want to move there. For certain, my friend will have a hard time getting his books back! Thought you might like to know.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Marjorie and Elixabeth,

Yikes - wish I'd read your comments before now! Went to Ikea this am - spent this pm assembling the bookcases. To be fair, they look fabulous and were inexpensive...but would have prefered to buy local..will keep your suggestion in mind for the future. And Marjorie - thank you! It is tucked away for the future.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Jen,

How kind you are to take the time to find me, find the blog and post a comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed STILL LIFE - especially since it isn't your normal read. I know how difficult it is to stray beyond my literary comfort zone so I'm very impressed you took that leap...and landed in Three Pines.

If I might suggest, there are a lot of fabulous mystery/crime writers whose writing is powerful and lovely. Peter Robinson, Giles Blunt, Barbara FRadkin come to mind (as Canadians). A whole world for you to discover - if you'd like. But certainly I am delighted you're into Three Pines and Gamache! Hope you like the rest of the series.