Saturday, 29 August 2009

Things fall apart...

rain, wind, cool temps 12

Wow, what a change. I wonder if this is a bit of that Hurricane striking us. Can't imagine it is, we're quite far away. Had to get up in the night and close windows, it was so windy and cold.

Michael's just downstairs lighting the fire. Great day to make a cafe au lait and snuggle in.

His eye is still a little puffy but I keep thinking it's better...hard to say how much of that is real or wishful thinking. But it makes me feel better until we get to the doctor Monday.

I'm blogging today over at a great site called The Lipstick Chronicles... the amazing Elaine Viets invited me...but the site has six writers, all taking turns blogging. Intelligent, irreverent, thoughtful...very funny. You'll love The Lipstick Chronicles.

Did four loads of laundry...two our own clothes, and two sheets and towels from the guest cottage. Had a call last night from the alarm people to say the alarm there hasn't been working in 24 hours. We rushed over with our flashlights only to discover the power was totally off!

The electrician arrived first thing this morning - thanks to the fabulous Gary, who gets called everytime something goes wrong (the dog vomits, a cap is stuck, the house is on fire...) - and discovered the problem. We hadn't paid the bill!!!

We were shocked. We pay every bill as soon as it comes in, and keep extremely good records. So we whizzed back home to look up and sure enough, we hadn't paid a hydro bill since the beginning of the year. More over, we hadn't received a bill. For the cottage or the main house...and we sure didn't get the warnings.


Of course, we should have realized no hydro bills were coming, but frankly we just pay the bills that come in, file them, and move on. And our lives are fairly scattered and hectic. But now it's the weekend and we can't raise anyone at Hydro to try to figure out what's gone wrong.

I suspect when they hear our excuse, 'We didn't get any bills or warnings' there'll be a whole lot of rolling of eyes! I sure would if i was them - they must hear that ALL the time. Still, in this case it happens to be true.

What a time! Between Michael's eye and Hydro is feels like life has just taken a sharp turn into a swamp. But - it sure could be worse. For some odd reason they didn't turn the power off to the main house, so we have everything we need. And this can all be sorted out. I'm sure Hydro wants to get their money and get to the bottom of it fast too!

It will all work out. I love the physicians motto - do no harm. I keep reminding myself, when things feel like they're falling apart, just don't make it worse. Deep breath, be calm and considerate, and a solution will be found.

If not, I can always go ballistic later. Nice to have a plan B!


Bobbie said...

Oh my!! Michael you have my very best wishes and good thoughts, and may your eye heal nicely. Louise, congrats on getting him there despite HUGE this-and-that driving messes. And the hydro bill mess too...when it rains it pours, as we all have known in our lives. Best wishes on that too~and still you have the grace and wisdom to know stressing yourself and going ballistic, though it would be easy, is not the best way, and is a great Plan B, ha.

Again, you are both in my thoughts and please remember, there are many shoulders out here to rest your heads on even if it's long distance by computer. May your lives be calmer soon! :-)


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie,

thank you! I'm very moved by your words, as I have been reading yesterday's comments about Michael's eye. I think having that happen made any concern we have over the hydro less important. It will be fixed - because it can be. It's the things more important and less easily fixed that weigh.

Thank you, Bobbie, for your shoulder.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie,
I thank you too, for both your concern and your shoulder. I'm sure all will be well tomorrow.
Best wishges,