Friday, 7 August 2009

Feel the burn

partly sunny, cool, temps 17

Funny day - cool, windy, some sprinkles, but then the sun comes out and it's quite nice.

Went to Nick's for breakfast - after spending yesterday fine tuning book 6. Then returned some DVD's while michael went back to the apartment. On my way back I stopped at Alexis Nihon, a series of shops, to see if I could find some tops.

I did. But I'd forgotten, since I don't like shopping, how exhausting it is. I now know why those models are so slim. They don't starve themselves - it's all that struggle to get into and out of clothes in a confined space. It's like a session of power yoga. Way better exercise than that elliptical machine - but, if I could just combine the two! Put an elliptical machine in a tiny changing room and toss some clothing in - half a size too small. It's getting them off that's the real struggle. Half an hour in there and we'd all come out buff. Mad as hell, but lean.

I'll make a billion! Get an infomercial going. Hire Joan Rivers. Actually, Paula Abdul is available. My God, it's all coming together so well.

OK - back to work. And back to Sutton tomorrow. Bal, Linda and Bethany are arriving tomorrow to spend a couple of weeks at the cottage. Such fun.

Be well.


Jeanine said...

ROFLOL. Love it!

Elizabeth said...

I've always envied tall women like you--until now! There are clearly more advantages to being "petite" than just having more leg room on airplanes.

lil Gluckstern said...

Missed your antic humor, and traveling thru your blogs. Was in hospital for some tests. You are fun to come home to. I absolutely HATE trying on clothes; maybe your idea would work. Glad to be home.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine, Elizabeth and Lil,

first, Lil - are you OK? I sure hope so! Bet it's a comfort being in your own bed, at the very least. I'll be thinking of you.

Quite right Elizabeth - I passed 'petite' one night in my sleep. I've always envied petite women like you...however I know if I was 5'4" and ate the amount of gummi bears I do, I'd never even fit into the fitting room.

And Jeanine - thank you for your belly laugh! Wonderful. you always put a smile on my face.