Tuesday, 25 August 2009

maybe it's a moose? A wombat? A trout?

mainly sunny, cooler, temps 20

Nice sleeping weather.

the Mounts left the guest cottage - so sad to see them go! Wrote the September newsletter this morning as well as a guest blog spot for the wonderful Elaine Viets over at The Lipstick Chronicles. She's such a terrific person - and fabulous writer.

Then Michael and I hopped in the car and headed into the village for lunch (chicken wraps) and off to the local construction company to choose a new siding for the cottage. Thank God we thought to call Kirk, who was cutting his lawn on his tractor - to ask which colour he'd recommend...and thank God we ran into Gary in the shop too...he told us which siding to select and how much we needed, since he'll be doing the job. God knows what a balls-up we could have made of it on our own.

Before they left the Mounts found some animal with a den close to the home, and photographed it. But none of us can figure out what it might be. They thought maybe a Marten, but looking at photos of Martens I'm not sure. It looked more like a Fisher. But they're quite rare, so I'm not convinced of that either.

Perhaps it was a stuffed toy they put out, photographed, and now have us chasing around trying to ID it!

Did the last CBC Radio interview this morning for Canada Reads, though just heard CBC Arts would like to do an interview regarding the Quick REads book for literacy I'll be writing. And have an interview tomorrow at noon with the Halifax newspaper.

Have to take the car in tomorrow morning...some warning light has appeared. Apparently it's not serious until the countdown begins. 10-9-8-...

Speak tomorrow - hope you're well.

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Tammy said...

I just love Elaine as well. She's from STL too, just like me!!

Tammy in STL