Thursday, 13 August 2009


mainly sunny, hot and humid, temps 30

Another stinker - but fun. The only time this kind of weather becomes uncomfortable is at night - hard to sleep. But we put the fan on and that's much better.

Had a wonderful lunch at Cotton's assortment of salads, including egg salad, which I love. Another summer taste! That and devilled eggs - love those too. Very 60's and 70's. Pink lemonade and devilled eggs. Cotton had fruit salad and brownies for dessert. We all fell on those too!

Had to call Tony yesterday to come and relocate a spider from our shed. I went in to sift through our recylcing (I'd thrown something out we actually needed) when I noticed this massive spider in a web at the window. Now, I used to be terrified of spiders as a child, but not anymore. If I find a spider in our home I just let it be. I think there'd come a time when if they overran the place we'd do something, but the odd one isn't a problem. But this one was gigantic! Really more like a crab in a web. Terrifying.

My first instinct, of course, was it needed to die. Then I realized it actually just needed to move. Far away. Before it gave birth too.

So out went the call to Tony. We should get a special search light - ala Batman - for the skies, when we need our hero, Tony. Up he came, with Pat. While Pat and I cowered in the house, Tony went into the shed, found the creature, got it into a box and took it into the woods. Even Tony was impressed by the size of it. We generally encourage Tony to put things into the neighbors property - like when we used to toss the dog poop next door (into their woods, but it was still their property) until there was quite a nice wall of merde between us and the next-door-neighbors. Then we bought the property...and got our own poop back. Seems our karma has a very small circle. So now we tell Tony to just put whatever disgusting thing we have onto our own property, just far from the home.

We're assuming he does.

Went to Cowansville for breakfast...doing the live on-line chat this afternoon at 2pm - then heading next door to Bal and Linda's...for cocktails, but also to hear their daughter Bethany read her story. She's 14 and a fabulous writer. Very exciting. Well, she's now written a sort of fantasy/mystery and finished last night. So we're invited over for the world premier! She adores reading and wonderful is that??

Talk to you tomorrow - hope you're enjoying your day.


lil Gluckstern said...

Just read your response to comments on Wednesday's blog. I am beyond the moon. I live about 30 minutes south of San Francisco, but I'm not sure I would survive the Boucheron. It's like a piece of Black Forest Cake-incredibly rich, incredibly delicious. I will have to check into this. The reason I asked about your novella is that I am anxious for my grandchildren to read well written books with good characters, and a sense of place. Some kiddy lit is great; some is formulaic, and often too "preachy" for my taste. I like that your writing paints pictures, as well as people, and my granddaughter likes to draw as well read and I hope to get her excited about these things. Modern kids often seem so blase, and jaded.
Yes, I am getting better. Primarily, I had an inner ear infection, and now the I am spinning s little less. Under the meds I have, my mouth has lost its stop sign, so I won't write so much more.

2010-here we come, hopefuly!!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

what a joy it would be to see you in San Francisco in 2010! Mostly though I'm happy to hear the meds have kicked in. How horrible it must have been to be off balance and 'spinning' - effects everything. Here's to continued progress.