Monday, 31 August 2009

A complete immersion in Hydro

sunny, mild, temps 20

Gorgeous late summer day...slightly cool, but warming up as the day goes on. A day for a light sweater.

First, the Michael news...a bit mixed. The tear in the eye hasn't healed and the doc doesn't know if it will. He says the danger is infection. Indeed, Michael might have had that tear for a while, but the problem came when he developed conjunctivitis. In a normal eye it's an irritation, and not very attractive, but not serious. But if the eye has a wound, the infection gets inside.

So now Michael will have to, probably for the rest of his life, be very careful to guard against no more swimming underwater, lots and lots of handwashing (probably a good idea anyway!) and he's not allowed into anymore peep shows. Ha!

Not really the news we were hoping for, but it's not the worst. We're going back Thursday morning so the doc can take another look. Worst case scenario he losed the sight in that eye, but still has another one. Again, wouldn't be our first choice, but it seems we might not actually have a choice. And God knows, people get worse news everyday - they'd trade with us in an instant.

It's been a busy day!!!

Went for breakfast to Nicks - a real local joint. Sat in a booth. I had porridge and Michael had bacon and eggs.

Then I hopped a cab to CBC for my interview on the Quick Reads novella I'm writing for litercy. Saw our friend Susan there...she's coming down to spend the long labour day weekend in the cottage.

Then home...hopiong Michael had sorted Hydro Quebec, but after spending loads of time on hold he finaly got through only to be told his wife (the Litte Woman) was the one who needed to call, since the account was in my name. This heartened Michael since it also meant the bad credit rating would also be mine! Fortunately for both of us I have long been a financial liability so this won't change our relationship.

So, it was my turn to call Hydro...happily they picked up almost at once and after listening to my sad, sad tale about not getting the bills - and choosing not to comment on said sad tale - they explained told me how much we owed, we had to pay it at the bank, then call back with the confirmation number.


Off we went again to the bank and another wait. Paid the bills, phoned back Hydro (i now know the number better than my own, as well as all the recorded messages about weather -proofing for winter). We got it all sorted out - and once again (since this was a fresh audience) I tried out the "I never got the bills" routine. But this time to better effect. The person actually looked it up and asked... What is this Main Street address?

It's an office I rented until last year, then gave up the least. Why?

Well, we've been sending your bills there.

I figured it was useless to get upset at this poor person who clearly wasn't at fault, but why Hydro would out of the blue decide to change the address of where they billed us to an address we'd recently vacated is another of life's great mysteries. Hydro Quebec is one of the wonders of the world. People stare at it slack-jawed. In awe. How is such a thing possible???

But now power will be restored in the next day... we hope. But this is the mighty Hydro Quebec, after all, so we might be in for even more wonderment.

Then had a bookclub to speak to this afternoon...and now home quietly. having dinner tonight with Hope and Charlie - and really looking forward to it. Cab comes at 6:30am for the airport and NYC.

What a life! And I know, with care, Michael's eye will be just fine. We simply need to keep it away from the good burghers at Hydro!


Lesa said...


I'm so sorry to hear about Michael's eye. I'll keep him in my prayers.

You're the only one I know who can make bill problems sound so funny.

lil Gluckstern said...

My prayers are very definitely with Michael, and I hope you get your Hydro problem sorted out. Oh Louise; how can you be a liability in any way with your humor, and attitude? Hope the news is good on thursday. I'm sad because there is always something, isn't there? I'll be thinking of you both


Larry Marshall said...

I was saddened to hear of Michael's eye problem. I do hope it improves. I've only met him a couple times but he seems like such a nice person. In any case, I hope it doesn't disrupt his writing.

Cheers --- Larry

Bobbie said...

Oh that is sad about Michael's eye, agree not the outcome we wanted...but others have worse problems so let's try and be thankful if we can. Some days we can, some are harder and we can't. My thoughts are with the two of you, this is tough. But you'll do it as you do everything, with style and class and humour. I wonder if you and he realize how dashing he'd look, in a lovely black (or otherwise decorated) eyepatch when he goes outside amongst germs etc.--Pirate Michael! :-)

The Hydro story is long and drawn out and utterly frustrating at times! And of course not your fault, but of course you have to do the ongoing waiting/explaining/trying to get it working again! And the way you have of telling it brings us a smile even when our teeth are trying to grit with sympathetic frustration! :-)

Best wishes in all this, Louise-and Michael too. Take care.


Cece said...

Sight is such a gift, I will keep Michael in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this. we have a family member who is in the midst of the same issue-been a couple years now. It is amazing to me what medicine can do-such microscopic surgery. Of course I think sometimes it is harder for a doctor to be a patient-they know every possible bend, twist and roadblock that might pop up during treatment. Be of good heart.

Jeanine said...

Louise and Michael,

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. You are both such inspirations for us all.

Caroline said...

Hadn't read your latest blog when I posted my last comment. So very sorry to hear that things weren't quite as you'd first thought with Michael's eye and really hope that all goes well. Know how difficult this all must be and am thinking of you both. Caroline

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lesa, Lil, Larry (the three els!), Bobbie, Cece, Jeanine, Caroline,

How very beautiful your messages are. I do apologize for the mass response but it's late Thursday night and I'm dying for bed, but I did want to write to thank you so much. I was, and am, deeply moved. Yes, we are sad and a little frightened...but trying to keep it in perspective, and stand in the light. No use talking about these things, having the tools, but not using them the moment things don't go our way.

So we choose gratitude for what we have - which is a whole lot. Including you. And we are actively grateful.

Your words are meaningful - and healing.

Thank you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear All,
I thank you for your good wishes and prayers. With Louise caring for me, what more could I want, or need. I have great confidence in Dr Shaun Cohen and believe all will be well. Thanks for being yourselves and caring.