Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fall Schedule and Great News!

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We just heard that THE BRUTAL TELLING has been chosen as a GREAT READ on the October 09 Indie Next List. This is put together by the American Booksellers Association (ABA) in the US, so to be chosen is huge. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!

Much celebrating here!

Off for lunch with Cotton in Knowlton at 12:30. Before that have a test run for the CBC Book Club live on-line chat (which will be tomorrow between 2 and 3pm) And at noon have an interview with Jacquie Czernin - of CBC Radio in Quebec City.

But nothing tonight! And tomorrow morning is free. Have just sent an update for the Events page of the website - the publicity events for THE BRUTAL TELLING so far. I know more will be added as it gets closer.

Here's the schedule so far - You can see why I'm anxious to get Book 6 done before I need to start promoting book 5! Still, this will be great fun!

Sept 8th – Taking part in a news conference for launch of the Quick Reads Literacy programme in Canada. I’m writing a Gamache novella for it.

Sept 20th – Eden Mills Literary Festival, in Eden Mills, Ontario. Panel discussion with Peter Robinson and Giles Blunt

Sept 24th – Kingston Literary Festival – Kingston, Ontario. 6:30-8pm, panel with Howard Engel

Oct 2nd - New Canaan, Connecticut – Noon library event

Oct 2nd – Hartford, Connecticut – New England Independent Booksellers Association fall event – 5:30 – 7:30 author cocktail reception

Oct 4th – Canadian Launch of THE BRUTAL TELLING – with a celebratory brunch, and fundraiser for the Yamaska Literacy Council. The brunch will be held in Knowlton, Quebec and for tickets please call Brome Lake Books at: 450-242-2242 Love to see you there.

Oct 14th – Houston, Texas – Houston Public Library event at noon

Murder by the Book – bookstore talk/read and signing – 6:30pm

Oct 15th – 17th – Indianapolis, Indiana – Bouchercon Crime readers and writers convention

Oct 21st – Orangeville, Ontario – Booklore Independent bookstore event – talk/reading/signing – 7pm

Oct 22nd – Toronto, Ontario – Sleuth of Baker Street – Mystery bookstore event – talk/reading/signing – 7pm

Oct 23rd – Sutton. Ontario – One Town One Book (Still Life) – culminating event. Talk/reading/signing

Oct 27th – Montpelier, Vermont – Bear Pond Books – 7pm – talk/signing/reading

Oct 28th – Norwich, Vermont – Norwich Bookstore – 7-8pm – talk/signing/reading

Nov 1st – Montreal, Quebec – Books and Breakfast – sponsored by Paragraph Books

Nov 3rd – Essex Junction, Vermont – Phoenix Books – 6:30 to 8pm – talk/reading/signing

Nov 5th – Phoenix, Arizona – Poisoned Pen bookstore event – 7pm with the wonderful Carolyn Hart and Barbara Peters

Nov 6th – Phoenix library events

Nov 18th – Montreal Curling Club – luncheon talk

Nov 21st – Montreal, Quebec - Atwater Library – Crime Writers of Canada pre-Christmas sale and signing of mystery and crime writers – all sorts of Quebec crime writers
will be there. 1-5pm – I’ll be there from 1-2pm

Dec 3rd – Rochester, New York – Rochester Arts and Lectures – Talk – 7pm

So, everything is coming together. I basically set aside September to Christmas to promote the book - and wonderful that this is the first time a book of mine is coming out simultareously in Canada and the US! Makes life much easier. Busy, but ultimately better.

Be well - talk tomorrow...


duraknit said...

I'm going to have to stop reading your blog until the book comes out, because I want to read it NOW!!! I am so excited that you're getting all the recognition you deserve.


Larry Marshall said...

Will your Gamache novella be available in some form and if so, when/where and how does we get our grubby little hands on a copy of it?

Cheers -- Larry

donna said...

Hi Louise: I'm so excited to hear that you are coming back to New Canaan Oct 2. I'll be there. Can't wait to see you again. I am also totally jealous that you will be having a panel discussion with Peter Robinson - I love his books and he seems like such a great guy.
Regards, Donna

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you! How supportive you are. As fabulous as all this attention is, I still feel very vulnerable and fearful just before a new book comes out. So your cheerful words are a great help! Thank you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Larry Grubby Hands,

Loved your understanding is the novella will be in bookstores. It is written (or will be) so that adults learning to read can read an adult story - but it will be written for people reading at about a gread 3 level. therefore, complex stories and characters, deep emotions - but simple words. Quite a challenge, but one worth meeting. Will let you know as it gets closer.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna,

I was hoping you'd be there! And yes, I agree - Peter Robinson is brilliant, and a terrific guy.

Marjorie said...

I am so happy about the GREAT READS news, Louise, because I know that it will bring more new readers to your work.

October 2nd. Connecticut. A Friday. Hmmmm. Must think about this very hard. A long lunch hour (I work a half hour away from New Canaan)? A 24 hour bug that day? Oh, dear, I have to figure this out! And do you need something fun to do to fill the time between New Canaan and Hartford?

--Marjorie from Connecticut (Donna, we should talk some time!)

lil Gluckstern said...

So glad you are getting all the recognition you deserve. While I can't wait to read "A Brutal Telling," I must say that I'm looking for ward to Book 6. Having seen the pictures, and descriptions of Montreal, I am anxious to see how it all plays. Is there any chance, you will ever get to the West Coast of the U.S.? Is your Gamache novella appropriate for a ten year old cild. Will check into this? Again, so happy for you.

donna said...

Hi Marjorie - Hope you come to New Canaan - you will love hearing Louise speak. Take the day off! I would love to meet you.

Marjorie said...

Thank, Donna. I am going to try and work something out for October 2nd. And I would love to meet you as well. I did hear Louise speak at last year's Bouchercon, but I won't be going this year (maybe 2010 in San Francisco), so I would love to make this happen.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna and Marjorie,

How great to read your correspondence! And. Marjorie, you're looking pale...I think you might be getting ill - though with a very long gestation period.

And I have to admit, if you've heard me once, you've heard me a million times! I don't have a great deal new to say - but I always have fun seeing people! And answering questions is always the best.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Instersting question about the novella - I haven't written it yet, but I think it will read like the books, only with perhaps simpler wording... But probably no swear words.

I would LOVE to get to your area. Am going to Bouchercon next year (2010) which will be in San Francisco...not sure it that is anywhere close to you.

Hope you're feeling even better...

Marjorie said...


--Marjorie from Connecticut