Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wascally Wabbit

started out cool with showers, now beautiful and sunny

Unexpectedly gorgeous day...supposed to teem rain, and didn't.

Michael and I went off to Cowansville for breakfast, dropping the Volvo off first at Denis' garage to look at the warning light. Seems it's something to do with the speed indicator. Not serious, I gather. He turned off the light, but if it comes on again I'll go into Montreal to the dealership.

Did some chores around Cowansville, then back home to be interviewed at noon by Stephen Clare, who has a radio show in Nova Scotia and writes for the Sunday Halifax Chronicle Herald...great paper. had a great time - yakked away for almost an hour and forgot I was being interviewed. The sign of a great interviewer, though always slightly dangerous - but it wasn't live. Indeed, I understand it'll be published and go to air just before THE BRUTAL TELLING comes out in Canada Sept 28th.

Am re-reading the book now, so I'm familiar with it, and don't have my head in book 6 (the one I just finished). have to say, I'm really enjoying the brutal telling - but reading it on the uncorrected advance readers copy is hiliarious at times. Because it's uncorrected there are some HUGE typos and gaffs...including a couple of words I think the type-setter just made-up. So - if you got the ARC - please know the final book won't have the errors. Unless...

Off to Montreal tomorrow...piece of funiture arriving in the new apartment - and Michael seems to have developed a case of pink-eye. He looks adorable...somewhere between a bunny and a very sentimental, teary, man.

Barbeque on - having confit du canard and corn on the cob. We're up to "c" in our cookbook.

Will try to blog tomorrow from Montreal. Be well.

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