Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Revenge of the Swedes

sunny, hot and humid, temps 32

Am in Montreal now...arrived yesterday morning, leaving Michael in Sutton with his son...give the guys some private time. And I had a dentist appointment. And a few things to do here. Did an interview this morning with Hannah Sung at CBC for the book club...some questions their readers had. Then hopped in the car to zoom to Ikea for bookcases. Now that we're set-up in the new apartment we realize we need more bookcases. No real surprise there.

I got there about 10:30 and the lot was already 2/3rds full. I whizzed around, since we don't need anything else - though I was really temped to buy a few sofas, some lamps and a new kitchen. But resisted. Got two book cases - then found them in the self-serve.

Self-serve?? What do they think we are? As you might have gathered I'm not exactly petite, but even I could barely wrestle with the boxes from the shelves. I finally had to ask a young worker to help. He did but didn't seem happy - never cracked a smile, or said a word. But even he grunted a little dragging a box from the second shelf.

Managed to get the boxes from the trolley into the car, then from the car to the apartment. But nthe real delight was still to come.

Putting the ducking things together. I'm going to hell for sure. And I think my right thumb has a permanent ridge where that 'key' fits. Had to made two bookcases. Michael said I should wait until he arrives tomorrow, but the truth is, we don't work so well together. One of us gets bossy. To be fair, we take turns micro-managing each other...and since neither of us reacts well to that you'd think we'd stop doing it to each other. But we don't.

But now, they're both done and look great. Now we can finally unpack the last of the boxes. That I will save for Michael.

Rented and watched two DVD's from the first season of 30Rock. I almost never catch it on TV, but when I do I love it. Thought this was a great chance to start getting caught up. It's hilarious.

Spoke to Michael. He and his son did a Cowie for breakfast, and are now lounging by the pool, reading. Off to the theatre tonight. Sounds like they're having a blast.

Time for me to take a soft drink, some fruit and the manuscript for book 6 onto the balcony and do some more fine tuning. Love this stage of the process.

Am overwhelmed with responses to my newsletter give-away - two advance copies of THE BRUTAL TELLING. I always try to respond to each one, but there are hundreds. But I figure if I just do 25 a day I'll eventually get through. And I really appreciate the notes from people, and that the reason I get to do this is because people have discovered the books and support them. The least I can do is write back when they take the time to write. It just takes a little time.

Take care and will talk to you tomorrow.


Margaret J. McMaster said...


If I hadn't fallen asleep on the sofa after a late dinner, I'd probably be able to sleep tonight. Rather than toss and turn, I decided to start at the beginning of your blogs and have spent a delightful hour reading all of 2007. I'm impressed with your energy, with seems to be limitless. Readings, the travel that goes into them, entertaining, building bookcases, and writing books in the midst of all this, I don't know how you manage it all! And manage it so well. Keep up the good work.

Margaret J. McMaster said...

Must be getting tired as I attached the wrong url to my name. Should be fixed now.

donna said...

Hi Louise: When I read the other day that you were going to IKEA to get a bookcase I was saying to myself - don't do it. I have put together so many things over the years and each time I always say to myself never again. I think that putting these things together brings out the worst in people. My husband and I don't work well together on them either and since I am smaller and crawl around on the floor better, I have found that it is just easier for me to do it and I only ask for assistance when I can't heft something. It is amazing how successful IKEA is but I guess it is similar to what they say about childbirth - you forget the pain after it is done!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Margaret,

How kind you are to go back and read all of 2007 - I should do that sometime! Indeed, I think of this blog not so much as a public forum as a semi-private diary - and I'm always delighted when people come along for the ride.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Donna,

Love your description of being smaller and better able to crawl around on the floor. Ikea certainly demands that. I try to make a game of it. I put on music and give myself a time goal, saying that the world will explode if I don't get the first bookcase done in 20 minutes.
I'm very goal oriented, as you can see...and like motivation...like saving the world. Otherwise, it's just tedious work.
You'll be happy to hear, the world is safe - until my next trip to Ikea.