Monday, 10 August 2009


huge, honkin' storm - hot and humid - temps 30

Sultry day - loads of rain...then the sun came out and the humidity shot up even higher - then there was a massive storm felt like it was right over the house. Even Trudy (who normally only reacts to cookies) jumped out of her skin.

Had a wonderful morning, sitting on the screen porch watching the rain come down in sheets...and the mountain in the distance disappear in mist...and edited book 6 from the hardcopy. I realized I adore the extremes...sitting in the living room during a blizzard, hearing it lash the house, and being safe and warm with Michael, Trudy, and a hot chocolate in front of the fire. Or, in the summer, being on the porch during a summer rain.

Peace. Safety. Those are things I yearn for, and have found. Sometimes!

Went off next door to the wonderful Bal and Linda's - and of course their daughter Bethany and their three dogs - for a mid-afternoon visit. They had nine friends visiting from all over - all doctors and their spouces. Bal is also a doctor - he created Palliative care in Canada. It was such fun for Michael and me to be included in their gathering...and it was clear how much these people (who were all at Queens Medical School together 50 years ago) love each other. And how comfortable they are with each other. A real gift to be allowed to visit that devotion, and even feel a part of it.

One of the great and very real blessings of my writing career has been re-connecting with people I'd cared about and failed to keep in touch with. How splendid to find them later in life and love them still. People like Wendy and Pat, like Janet and Marcie.

Have an interview tomorrow with Hannah Sung, of the CBC bookclub... if you haven't checked it out you might want to...just go the the CBC website and look up the bookclub or Canada Reads. The Murder Stone was chosen their book for the entire month of August. Am also doing an online chat - live of course - this Thursday between 2 and 3 Eastern Time.

Am off now to write something else in preparation for the launch of The Brutal Telling. So looking forward to that!

Sleep tight.

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