Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lazy days

overcast, cool, rain expected temps 22

As we've come to expect, we have a sunny, hot day, then a cool, rainy one. Balance. Why not?

Still in Montreal - polishing and smoothing book 6...loving the process. Michael's joined the evenings we order pizza and watch a DVD...go out for breakfast - then back to the apartment so he can work on his book and I can work on mine.

Still, this feels like a vacation to me. Such fun. I was saying to him that I'd rather be in Montreal than any place on earth! From our apartment we can walk everywhere (almost) great to be able to get all our provisions within a few blocks, put them into our canvas bags and get home.

We're off for lunch now. Japanese. Can't get that in Sutton so it's a real treat. Michael's put the books (or most anyway) in the new bookcases. The place is really coming together. Will relax this afternoon - perhaps watch Entourage on DVD.

Life continues to delight. One day it won't - so I'd better appreciate the good times while I have them.

Take care - speak tomorrow.

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