Sunday, 30 August 2009


overcast and cool, temps 17

A few degrees below seasonable. But not bad...sweater weather. Michael and I are back in Montreal - busy day tomorrow. Right now we're lying on the bed and watching the golf...very exciting. I'm rooting for Ernie Els.

Started to write the novella today. Did 500 words. Quite a challenge. This is meant for adults who read at about a grade 4 level - but who, of course, think in complex terms. So while the story and themes need to be full and rich and layered, the words must be quite simple. So far I'm struggling a bit to get a handle on it...but I'm satisfied with the first 500 words.

Off to CBC Radio for an interview on this novella project. It's sponsored by ABC Canada - which is a national literacy organization. The books will not only, we hope, appeal to emerging readers but also help raise money for literacy. The books are called Quick Reads, and the campaign was VERY successful in the UK.

After that I have a 1pm book club and Michael has his doctor's appointment to - we hope and presume - get good news about his eye. Then off for dinner at a restaurant in Outremont, which is a 'quartier' of Greewich Village is to NYC. The restaurant is called Lemeac is a very French bistro. Outremont is where, in the books, Armand and Reine-Marie live. It's very Quebecois, filled with intellectuals and artists, professors etc. A really lovely, interesting place with great restuarants and boutiques. And bookstores. We're having dinner with my New York editor, Hope Dellon and her husband. Hope and Charlie are then going on to Hovey Manor for a couple of nights then Quebec City. I envy them this trip!!!

I'm off to New York for two days, leaving Tuesday. Will leave Michael to have quiet time to himself, to write and just lounge.

We also need - tomorrow - to get the power back on in the guest cottage! It's a good thing that after 20 years at CBC and 5 years in publishing I have almost no shame left.

Will report back when I can - in the meantime, hope you're thriving.


Marjorie said...

If you'd like any New York City restaurant suggestions, just let me (us) know. I was just in the city on Saturday. I left it in good shape for your arrival. Lol.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

H Marjorie,

Thanks! If Michaerl was going to be with me I'd definitely ask for your suggestions-but am having lunch with my friend Dan, then spending the evening preparing for the meetings. The publishers were wonderful and offered to take me to dinner but I really wanted to go over my notes etc.

But nexct time, I will definitely ask! Glad you left a crumb or two for me...very generous.

Beth said...

Hmmm...the parameters of your novella made me think of Hemingway.

I'll be sending good thoughts about Michael's appointment tomorrow. Think of how many warm wishes will be accompanying you to the doctor's office.

Beth in Oregon

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Beth,

Thank you! That gives us both courage...we know it will be good news, but it sure is great to know we're not alone!

And yes, I've been thinking of Hemingway too.