Monday, 17 August 2009

Zzzzz - the path to Enlightenment

sunny and hot!!! wow! temps 31 plus

And humid too - just dripping with perspiration. But a glorious day. A little difficult sleeping but we kick off the covers and turn on the overhead fan. At some stage in the night one of us gets up and puts the covers back on. Normally Michael, bless him.

The package finally arrived at 3pm today via UPS from the New York publisher. Spent a few hours working on it. It actually turned out to be relaxing...almost meditative.

Speaking of which, Joan's invited Michael, Bal, Linda, Bethany and me over to her place for tea tomorrow afternoon - and then to do a 'sit'...a meditation. Bal regularly meditates, and Joan does, since she runs the local meditation centre. Michael and I have a sort of quiet prayer and silent time every morning before breakfast - but that lasts about 3 minutes.

Joan might be hearing a lot of snoring. Our mantra.

Watched The Player last night - film from the mid-90's. Loved it when I first watched it, but hated it last night. Turned it off. It just seems so stylized and self-important...self-aware. Too cool for school.

Michael sent his proposal to his New York agent today, only to realize they're closed until September 3rd! Bit of a letdown. Poor guy's been working on it day and night. Still, it means he can at least relax and not check his email every five minutes - though I suspect he still will. Neurotic writers! So glad he's come over to the dark side!

Well, off to sit quietly and sweat some more. Enjoy yourselves.


Cece said...

Just a quick note-
Our daughter and her brand new husband finished their 61 day cross-country tandem bicycle ride yesterday in Oregon...61 days of 24/7 togetherness through heat, rain, cold, fog, dark, flat tires and vending machine dinners....and they are still holding hands and smiling at each other. Bodes well for their marriage.
Their website is

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cece,

Congratulations! Not totally sure why I'm congratulating you, except for raising a woman willing to do this, loving it, and not killing her new husband! Congratulations.

lil Gluckstern said...

Cece-I don't know you, but I agree with Louise. what a dynamite couple they must be!

Cece said...

Thank you-they are pretty amazing, in my opinion! We celebrated last night by having a binge in Powell's Book Store in Portland, OR-since they were riding unsupported, pulling a trailer, they had only taken one thin paperback with them-they were both book-starved. We are going to need another suitcase now....thank goodness Southwest doesn't charge to check luggage!
I didn't buy much-I'm waiting eagerly for The Brutal Telling!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Cece and Lil,

So glad you're eager! I am too.