Saturday, 8 August 2009


mainly sunny, cool, temps 22

Lovely day - I'm so happy for all the people who had events, like weddings, planned for today here. Every weekend in July - the big wedding, and therefore big anniversary month in Quebec - it rained...torrents. So it is great to see some brides won't need those rubber boots.

Back in Sutton now. Did an interview with the local paper yesterday. That's always kind of them, I think - since I'm always afraid people are sick to death of me here. But apparently not yet.

Had breakfast on Greene Ave in Montreal, at Nicks...a diner kind of place...real local hang-out. Michael had the blueberry waffles and I had porridge. I always have their porridge. I love it. With raisins and hot milk and brown sugar. Yum.

traffic was horrible on the highway...mid-day Saturday. But because it was such a nice day everyone was heading to the country. Arrived here in time to make some phone calls and get some stuff sorted out...and have a nice long bath.

then off to our regular Saturday night meeting...and now home.

Having breakfast tomorrow in Sutton with Joan. Michael often comes, but sits at anotehr table and reads...while Joan and I yak away. She runs the local yoga and meditation centre...fascinating and very funny woman. I adore her. It feels like I'm becoming human again - or at least becoming a decent friend again.

My friends are so patient and loving...and allow me months and months of hermit-like existance, while I write. Then, often, when I'm not writing I'm traveling to promote a book...but still they call and write...and understand when I can't meet them for meals.

But have crawled out from the cave, covered in adjectives and adverbs, and am ready for polite society again! Yippee...

Lunch later in the week with Cotton, Bal, Linda, Bethany, and of course, Michael. Looking forward to that too.

Still polishing the manuscript but don't feel at all driven now. The big work is done. It is what it is, this is simply fine-tuning. Can still be overwhelmed by fear, of course, but not by work.

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