Saturday, 15 August 2009

A summer's day

sunny, hot, temps 31

Beautiful summer day. Classic Quebec July day - in mid-august! Had a quiet day yesterday - spent most of it waiting for a delivery from the publisher's in New York that I needed to work on - but UPS messed up and it didn't come. We're thinking we should switch to FedEx since we do so much courier-ing and we need a service that's reliable. The thing will now come Monday, which means I need to work on it all monday afternoon, evening and Tuesday morning - in order to get it back to NYC in time.

but, such is work. And the frustrations of living in the country. I suspect in the city these logistical issues don't apply. Still, doesn't seem enough of a reason to move back to a city!

Bal and Linda came over for a swim yesterday afternoon.

Had breakfast today with Cheryl in sutton. Love our breakfasts. It's wonderful to have a friend who is going through the same sort of life issues...menopause, feeling emotional - trying to decide how much is hormones and how much is 'real'...would I have reacted the same way three years ago - or three years from now? Trying to sort through things. And to talk about issues of faith and God and prayer and anger, and joy and gratitude. And husbands!

Phew. I feel so much more human after I've been with a good friend. And had a good breakfast!

Michael and Bal also had breakfast, a couple of tables over. then the firefighter's parade through town was about to we skiddadled out of there before we were stuck for 2 hours. Fun to see all the floats, and costumes, and vintage cars. We love parades in Sutton...and we love our volunteer firefighters.

Off to Kirk and Walter's garden party this afternoon - the annual fundraiser for the SPCA Monteregie. We're bringing sandwiches - and a set of hardcover books for the auction.

Then off to our regular Saturday night meeting.

Tomorrow we have a vernissage in North Hatley, but we might not make it. Michael needs to edit his book proposal and I need not to do anything, except watch Tiger Woods et al in the PGA tournament. And swim!

Gotta run. Linda and I need to run into the village for groceries.

Lovely to have the sun shine on us again! Hope you're well. Hope those California wildfires get under control soon...I was remmembering those terrible ones you had in Australia this past February.

Speak tomorrow

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