Friday, 31 July 2009

Bury Your Dead - and your summer

overcast, some rain cool, temps 17

Back to rain...sat today in front of the fire, drinking cafe au lait and dipping biscotti. It was, I have to say, quite lovely. I'm actually liking this summer...every now and then the sun comes out and it's hot, hot, hot - so we swim and sit on the porch...then it gets all cool and rainy and we get to enjoy a fire. It's like two seasons in one. The Oreo cookie of seasons.

Have printed out a hard copy of Bury Your Dead, and and reading it. It's quite a different experience, reading the hardcopy. I get it printed by Bob in Sutton...single-spaced, double sided and bound. So it looks and feels like a real book. Very exciting. Then I read it. After thinking all the polishing is done I'm still finding something on almost every page that could be changed. Mostly small things...but often something, for me, as big as a sentence that doesn't work, or a change of topic that is too abrupt. It's a really valuable, and pleasurable, part of the writing process.

Zipped into Sutton to get a baguette, pate, vegetarian pate (for my brother), beer (for an other visiting family member) and other provisions for the weekend. Forecast keeps changing...I honestly don't know why I bother to look!

Might not get the change to blog tomorrow, but will try. Have a terrific weekend, and will get back to you as soon as possible.



lil Gluckstern said...

What a thrill to see your book in print, even if it only the -um-editing copy. What a wonderful, rich life. Geographically, we are sun challenged here. I live on the Northern California coast, and it is foggy and 58 F). Fifteen miles inland, there is sun, and they are in the mid seventies. My daughter lives in the Central valley where they flirt with one hundred degrees most of the summer. The common line is is"At least, it's a dry heat." Now you know why Californians have such a mixed reputation. I have to raid the local natural food market for some vegetarian pate, sounds interesting. Not only do you write great books, but you encourage food exploration as well. What more do we need? Enjoy!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Lest we forget the 'blueberry and pea' vewy, vewy careful about any food suggestions I write...though the vegetarian pate was quite right. and actually yummy.

Are your summer normally that cool and wet or is this unusual. Ours is unusual, though people are saying our seasons, and especially our summers, have been shifted by a month. What we used to get in July we're now getting in August, and so far, that's right. Mostly sunny (despite today) and hot. forecast for mainly sunny and hot for almost the next 2 weeks. But - we'll see!

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm still dreaming about blueberries-and anything, except maybe peas.. Our summers on the immediate coast are usually cool-do you know the Mark Twain line,"the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco?" But lately we've had more heat and less fog. It is really clear that the weather has gone a little cattywampus. I read the NYC hasn't had a day in the 90's, and it was 101 in Seattle. Our summers are usually in September and October. Maybe it is my East Coast origins, but I believe that all the watering and irrigating we do here does not measure up to your good old rainstorms and nice hot days. Things just seem to grow better. This is probably more than you wanted to know about the weather here, but i couldn't resisit. Happy days, Louise.