Thursday, 20 August 2009

Montreal and meditation

rain, mild, temps 23

We're in Montreal now - arrived yesterday. Had such fun Tuesday at Joan's - having tea then going into her centre to meditate for 20 minutes. Michael and I had taken a few courses through the Bishop's University adult learning programme in Knowlton a few years ago. And loved it. I'd forgotten how peaceful it is. And I realized how filled with sensations my life, voices, newspapers, books, television, movies.

How calming when it's all still.

The 20 minutes flew by. I was surprised when Joan hit her little gong. Of course, I might have been asleep for part of it, but I don't think so. Well, never admit it.

On our way there, in two cars, we hit a HUGE storm. Could barely see through the windshield washers. 14 year old Bethany and I were in the car behind Bal, Linda and Michael. I was watching them, hoping a tree didn't land on them, then realized I should also be worried about us. And what about a lightning strike? And I realized young Bethany would, understandably, be thinking this elderly 50 year old woman would protect her. I tried to remember what we should do it a hydro line fell on us.

Happily, none of that happened. It was teeming down still when we arrived and we all dashed into Joans home, soaked to the bone in the 10 seconds we were outside, but all laughing and enjoying ourselves.

We got in to Montreal yesterday around noon and had the wallpaper man, Tapestrie Maurice and his daughter Julie coming at 2pm. What a fabulous job they did!! What a relief. It was quite difficult to find someone to do wallpaper, but we finally did. And it looks amazing.

Had pizza on the bed and watched a video...Knowing. Fun.

Today it's raining, but fresher. Quiet day at home, more smoothing and polishing of book 6. Making some arrangements for the fall tour - fine-tuning some events. The day just slips by. We do love this apartment! Small and perfectly formed.

Sushi tonight - and watermelon. Yum. What a wonderful August we've had.

Denitst tomorrow morning here in Montreal then back home.

Having a small dinner party tomorrow night...the Mounts, Cotton, Kirk and Walter. Having it catered, of course. All we have to do is show up! How perfect is that?

Take care - will try to blog tomorrow! Hope you're well. Ohmmm. Sushi. Ohmmmm.


Ovidia said...

hahaha... sounds like a wonderful day but really love the Ohmmm-sushi!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Ovidia,

I've become hooked - so to speak. I think it's mainly the wasabi and ginger, actually.