Friday, 28 August 2009

The Evil Eye

mainly sunny, mild, temps 20

Came in to Montreal yesterday - quite a stressful drive. We were worried about Michael's conjunctivitis (pink eye) - especially since he has glaucoma and his eyes are quite fragile. So we called first thing in the morning and his eye doctor agreed to see him - but said he had to leave at 11:30 for hospital rounds.

We hopped in the car and raced into least, our hearts were racing, the car, not so much. We ran into traffic, of course - and construction. It felt like a cheap thriller...watching the minutes tick pyro-technics, no car chases, no mad-dash...indeed, nothing happening at all. Just sitting in traffic...worrying. Michael called every 15 minutes with an update. Finally got to the Champlain Bridge with 10 minutes to go...we might just make it! And boom - construction. Bumper-to-bumper traffic over the bridge. aieehhh.

We got over and through it. three minutes to go. along rue Notre Dame, up Guy - a truck had become stuck under an over-pass! Honestly! Some days. We finally got to the medical buidling, I let Michael off...we were just past 11:30. He ran to the elevators (which, thank God, were actually working) while I looked for parking.

The wonderful receptionist at Dr. Cohen's office had made sure the Doctor was still there!

Thank God, because it wasn't conjunctivitis but his eye was actually leaking! We'd never heard of it before...but it seems there was a tear in it. Could he have been running with sissors again? Doc C. said if he'd left it many more hours he'd have lost the eye. Phew!!! So now he's on a bunch of drops - one of which constricts and closes the tear.

Can't believe how lucky we were! Frankly, had we not already been coming in to Montreal we might have waited until Monday - and that would have been a disaster. And Doc. C might have had to leave the office, or been on holiday...

But it has all worked out. Going in again Monday at 1pm for a check-up. How fortunate we are in our system that allows such easy and fast access to specialists. We pay for it, of course, with our taxes...but days like yesterday (and others) make it clear every penny is worth it. I'm sure there are wastes, and loads of problems...we've all experienced those too - but not system run by people will be perfect, or even close. But Michael and I are deeply grateful it worked for us so well.

Had sushi again for dinner last night. Oh, wanted to mention the night before, back in Sutton, I watched a very old movie (1937) and loved it...quite dated, of course...fairly mannered and stilted and not the most glorious writing - but it sure was fun. It was Topper...with Cary Grant and Roland Young. The original black and white version, not the controversial colorized one. We also have Topper Returns (original too) to watch.

I'd rented Witches of Eastwick from our local Montreal video store...we sat on the bed with our sushi and watched. To be honest, I didn't enjoy it. I remember loving it when it first came out, but this time I found Jack Nicholson's character utterly appalling. In fact, so disgusting it was hard to watch. Hard to believe three smart, strong women characters played by Cher, Michelle Pfieffer and Susan Sarandon could be attracted to him at all - even if charmed.

We're just waiting for a piece of furniture to arrive then it's back to Sutton for the weekend. Having breakfast tomorrow morning with Joan.

I'll let you know about Michael's eye...thankfully he's used to putting drops in and very disciplined about it. Between us we'll remember the timetable. His eye already looks a lot less puffy.

We're so lucky.

Hope you're well. And a huge hug and kiss to Carol and David in London!!!


Margaret J. McMaster said...

Gracious but that's a heart-stopping blog. Thank goodness you decided to have the eye attended to right away.

Jeanine said...

Dear Louise and Michael,

I'm thanking God for answering a prayer I never even prayed (but would have!)over Michael's eye. Have certainly set one on it's way for a full and perfect recovery.

I will have to watch Witches again as it has always been one of my favorites and I have not seen it in years. I did not enjoy the sequel book at all. I will be interested to see if I have the same reaction to the movie as you. Time does do strange things, doesn't it?

Blessings to you both.

Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear everything is OK. We have a shortage of eye doctors here in Ottawa-- it's a six-month wait to see one. Fortunately, we kept our U.S.-based private health insurance when Bill left the World Bank, so we go to an eye doctor an hour south in Ogdensburg, N.Y. In fact, I'm taking my daughter, Isabel, there on Monday. Oddly (or not), the doctor is Canadian-trained and owns houses on both sides of the border. I'll be thinking of Michael on Monday as we cross the border. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

You just don't know what the day will bring! I'm filled with gratefulness and delight for you both! So so glad that you made it in time...Michael seems a courageous and lovely man - not unlike his partner; I continue to find it rather beautiful that the two of you are together! God bless...
Melody G

Marjorie said...

Very scary.

I am so glad that it looks as though it will all have a happy ending though. Please tell Michael I am glad he made it to the his eye doctor in time to get the best results from the treatment.

--Marjorie from COnnecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

So sorry about your adventure, and happy about the result. I hope the eye heals soon, and you probably did some hefty driving. I agree with you about "Witches."
I think our sensibilities have changed. I also find that now a little bit of Jack Nicholson goes a long, long way. Wish Michael good luck for me, and Hope you have a quieter weekend!


Brenda B. said...

Dear Michael and Louise,

We are greatly relieved to hear the positive outcome of this alarming medical situation.

How awful to be caught in traffic when you knew -- it's clear from your re-telling that you did indeed instinctively know -- that whatever was going on was more than conjunctivitis.

Take good care of your sweet selves this weekend.

Brenda & Diane, your pals from Maine

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Margaret,
We were lucky indeed. Thank you for your genuine concern.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine,
Thank you for your prayers - sent and intended. They've helped us both and my eye is mending well.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts. I expect eye docs are scarce everywhere. You are blessed to have a US doc, Canadian-trained, - the best of both worlds. Hope all's well with Isabel, next week.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Melody,
What kind things you say about Louise and I and thanks for your well-wishes. I'm feeling better.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Marjorie,
Thank you for your good wishes and for caring. We were very lucky and I'm on the mend.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,
You are so kind. And Louise drove marvellously, avoiding at least 3 speed traps on the highway, which would have made us late, but still pressing on. We're lucky people and I'm better.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Brenda and Diane,
You are quite right. I owe so much to Louise already and this was a huge addition. I'm lucky in every way. You won't be disappointed with The Brutal Telling.

Caroline said...

Louise, I LOVE your books and your blog and have written a couple of times before. But this comment is for Michael - having worked in the health field almost all of my life, I don'tknow how many times I wrote 'poor vision/glaucoma' in a patient's history without stopping to REALLY understand what that might mean to them. A severe dose of opthalmic shingles about 3 years ago and I am now acutely aware of all that 'glaucoma' signifies - I've made that journey of yours in quiet 'panic' a couple of times myself and can imagine how you felt and how relieved you must be with your outcome. I too have had the benefit of an amazing Opthalmologist who has given me her mobile number in case of emergencies! What a difference that makes, knowing that help or advice isn't too far away. Good luck with it all - you're very much in my thoughts.