Friday, 15 January 2010

I LOVE border guards - honest

freezing drizzle, mild, temps plus one

What magificent comments about Haiti. Terrible, heartbreaking situation. We saw our governor General - the honourary head of state for Canada on television. She was born and raised in Haiti. She was in the middle of giving a statement when she suddenly started crying. So many of her family and friends are missing. But it was more than that. She seemed to be weeping for a country she loves that has already suffered too much. And now this.

We've decided to (and have) donate to Medecines sans Frontieres (Docotrs without Borders) - which we belong to. And the Red Cross. The Haitian community in Montreal - which is massive, since most Haitians are French-speaking - has asked that donations be made through the Red Cross. But clearly a donation to anty reputable organization - referably with a history in Haiti - will help.

We're in Montreal - had to pop in yesterday. Michael had a tooth ache and we wanted to tend to it. Turns out it got better on its own, about five minutes after seeing the dentist. Such a nice man to fit us in quickly.

Crossed the US border the day before yesterday - to gas up and get come groceries etc at Hannaford's in Vermont. this is for the St. Lucia trip (have I mentioned it??? ha) Apparently the 90 minute drive from the airport to the resort is a bit of a rtoller-coaster and it's recommended that anyone who suffers motion sickness might want to pop a pill.

I went to our phramacist and he said he would not recommend Gravol. But said if I can get to the States I could buy Dramamine there...much better. But, for reasons I don't want to think about - it is not available in Canada.

So I went across the border to get it. Waiting at US customs the very nice officer searched the car then in handing me back my passport asked how the book tour went. I was stunned since I hadn't mentioned I was a writer and he was a guard I'd never met before. then he said, 'I like your blog. Especially the one about the border guard.'

I stared at him - mouth open. Not sure what to say or do. So I laughed nervously. Ha ha. (Dear Lord, I thought - now I'm screwed - who'd have thought this blog isn't private???) I remember writing that entry. It was after a female border guard (not the very nice, handsome and powerful one who just stopped me) decided that being a writer on book tour demanded a full investigation. It suggested a couple of things to me...which I will not repeat since I adore all border guards, especially the ones into Vermont. And at airports)... But one thing it suggested that I will mention is that telling the truth is not necessarily rewarded or valued or respected - except by the very nice, handsome and powerful guard who stopped me. And all the others I might ever meet. I love you.

Came back from the US with a trunkload of legal drugs...for everything. (even declared them!) Dramamine for motion sickness, stuff for the runs, stuff for the opposite, stuff for colds, stuff for the flu. We'll be taking all those, plus a bathing suit. And a book. Seems about right. I'm not at all normally concerned about germs and getting sick. But when I'm on book tour, or holiday, I really watch out. And, as we know, you can never have (if you're a border guard, please stop reading) too many drugs.

Well, back to Sutton this morning. We're trying to decide if we should try to organize a fundraiser in the village - for Haiti. Perhaps an event at the bookstore, or a radiothon with the local community station. I'm of two minds. The forefront says most people who would respond to that have already given and given generously. And perhaps our time and effort is better served doing something more practical for the people of Haiti.

Will make some calls, but I think we will content ourselves networking with friends - and digging deep ourselves.

Be well.


Lesa said...

Love this, Louise! You never know who's reading your blog, do you? Is it going to make you nervous? I thought this was so funny, I linked to it on Twitter. (But, I don't think I have any border guards who follow me on Twitter.)

Lesa -

Vannie said...

Oh,I love this. love the border guard too. Like Lesa above said, you never know who is reading your blog. Great human observation story.

Dana said...
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bgpringle said...

We've donated to the Episcopal Relief & Development Fund who have done amazing things in previous disasters, i.e. Katrina and others.
As for the border guards, I have to deal with them at least 2xs a week when we're in Hatley and our mail goes to Derby Line, VT. They're all really nice on both sides of the border - so far...
When is your departure date for St Lucia? None to soon, right?

Maddie said...

LOL! At least the border guard is a fan, otherwise why would he know about your blog? It is good to have friends in high places. This connection will come in handy someday, I'm sure. Thanks for the good laugh on this cold Friday afternoon. Hope to see you soon!

lil Gluckstern said...

It's good to laugh, and especially with big, handsome powerful border guards. This trip promises to be wonderful, especially since you are so prepared. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong. Have fingers crossed for you. donated to Partners in Health who already have a base in Haiti. Like you, I thought an established organization was best. Video and reports continue to be sobering; at least, there are some triumphs. So many people weighing in on what should happen. Hope it's more than words. What do you read for pleasure? Anyone we should know? Besides you, of course.
More importantly, are you taking your laptop on your trip? Are we going with you?


Leah Moss said...


This posting is completely off topic to board guards and the devasting situationin Haiti - but..this seems to be an effective way to reach you..

My name is Leah Moss and I'm past-president of the Quebec Association for Adult Learning - the association would like to speak with you about your availability to be the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference (I hope our dates don't overlap with St. Luia!)

You can reach me at:

thank you and enjoy your weekend
PS - most excellent web site!!

Bev Stephans said...

Hi Louise,

The border guard that reads this blog, should read all of your books and then tell all the other border guards about them. That should make every border crossing a pleasant border crossing.


Barb said...

LOL about the border guard, Louise, obviously he's a fan, good deal!

I was surprised to hear about you having to cross over into the US to buy those OTC medications. Mainly because I had never given it a thought that they aren't available everywhere, and also because there is always so much talk here in the US about people here ordering prescription drugs from Canada because they're cheaper... of course, I don't think that happens as much now, but did for awhile at least... So, I guess it's true that you learn something everyday. :)

Have a wonderful time in St Lucia!