Thursday, 15 January 2009

safe landings

sunny, brilliant day, bitterly cold minus 21

It was minus 32 this morning, according to the car. A neighbor said she'd looked at her outside thermometre and the mercury had disappeared!

But, this is Canada, after all. We went off to Knowlton for breakfast. When we walked into the cafe a wave of steam was produced...the mixing of the bitter cold and the humidity inside. It was almost blinding...but very fun.

Busy the hair cut. It looks pretty good. Not really sure how it'll look when I try to do it - which is to say, shower then let it drip dry. I don't wear make-up, I don't iron clothes and I don't blow dry or dye my hair.

This is my version of growing older gracefully. Or at least growing older obviously. But a relief not to look like a guy after the haircut.

Had the second mammogram...always fun. Then Michael and I headed to Canadian Tire to buy an elliptical trainer. We buy most of our things at Canadian Tire. But don't tell anyone. Honestly, we belong way far away from civilized company.

Got this honking great thing and it now sits in the mudroom. It was the floor model, the only one they had left - so was already assembled. They delivered it right away and it arrived on the open back of a pickup truck looking like a frozen Miss America, waving. Quite regal. Though a little rigid.

Must be off. Salmon for dinner in front of the fire. Did you see the news about the plane that landed in the Hudson? My God, what great news that everyone is safe. Amazing story. Magnificent.

Be well, be safe and warm. Will talk tomorrow.


hilary said...

"It was minus 32 this morning, according to the car."

Imagine someone 50 years ago reading the first sentence of your blog. Frowning. Wondering what drugs you were on. Or what kind of "car" you had.
Perhaps you need to obtain just one more item from Canadian Tire -- an outside thermometre -- though I must admit that car-o-metre is damn handy.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary,

Quite right about the car sentence. I wondered about that but figured until the time machine is perfected everyone will understand. We only use the car-o-metre when we're actually going somewhere - don't run out and start it to get a weather report.