Saturday, 17 January 2009

Does the hot water bottle make me look fat?

light flurries and sun struggling through, windy, cold, temps minus 20

Last night Michael looked at a thermometre we'd forgotten we have - the previous owners put it in - in the living room and now hidden behind curtains. It has a probe for outside. It's old - in fahrenheit - and it said minus 40. It might have been broken. Will try to check in summer and see if it still says minus 40.

We're going like mad on the elliptical machine...which for us means doing it for 5 minutes at a time, then gasping for breath. I had no idea four sedentary years writing could be this bad for the muscles. However, you should see my fingers...they're like action stars. Buff, pumped. Now, doesn't that sound attractive. More than once I've been extremely grateful I'm already married.

Spending the day packing. I've given a lot of thought to the Arizona book events, but not to my wardrobe. I find it very difficult to believe I won't be needing the long underwear and hot water bottle. But, what makes it even more of a challenge, I arrive back in Montreal Thursday morning then have a newspaper interview - then head out to Quebec City for a month, the next day - Friday. So I really need to pack for Phoenix (one of the hottest places) and Quebec City (one of the coldest). Out come the long underwear and hot water bottles again.

Hope I don't confuse the suitcases. If so, when you come to the Phoenix event I'll be the one drenched in perspiration, sporting a cashmere turtleneck, long underwear and snowboots.

Honestly - I wonder if publishers know what numbskulls they're sending on 'parade'?

Still, it's a lovely life. Will try to blog tomorrow. Having breakfast with Joan then Michael and I are heading off to Montreal.


Lesa said...

And, we're waiting for you in Phoenix, Louise. Yesterday it was 79, and today we're expecting 77. You will be sweating in that turtleneck and long underwear. (grin)

hilary said...

Great image -- of the cashmere turtleneck and snow boots. Who says Canadian girls don't have style? Then're lucky you are already married. Pity us single gals dating in parkas -- and agonizing over the footwear -- would hiking or snowmobile boots be more fetching?

Enjoy Arizona. I guess it goes without saying. Enjoy Quebec. That goes without saying too.


Bobbie said...

Louise, have a frabjous time on your long trip. I am certainly grinning at your different packages of clothes and packing them and not getting confused...and am wishing you the very best on your jaunt.

I am reading The Murder Stone now, and it's a very hot season during this book of yours...maybe you should read it to warm up? :-)

Take good care, and enjoy!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lesa,

Thanks for the weather report...counting the hours!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Hilary,

You're right! And I always think snowmobile boots are the best - makes the bottom look tiny. And I'd go for the big colourful pom-pom hat. Makes us look intelligent.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Bobbie,

Hope you like the book! Thanks for reading it...and that's a good idea. Snuggle up to a nice warm book.