Monday, 19 January 2009

Happy Martin Luther King day

Flurries, mild, temps minus 5

Nice day - a little snow. Just came back from breakfast with Michael. Hard to believe I slogged through snow to breakfast here and will be having dinner in the heat of Arizona.

My only concern is a very tight connection - one hour, in Cleveland. Doesn't leave room for any delay in the first flight. Still, weather's not bad so it shouldn't be a problem. But I always relax more when I'm on the connection.

On hectic days I tend to break things down in my head, so the day doesn't seem to daunting. Get to airport, check through security, get on plane, find connecting flight, fly to Phoenix, get taxi to hotel.

There. And all I need to think about is the task at hand, not the 5 to come. Makes life much easier, fun, less stressful. So right now all I need concern myself with is the taxi to the airport. Pretty easy.

I remember going on the US tour last year for The Cruelest Month. First stop was New York, but a massive snowstorm closed all the airports, including Montreal. Just barely made the first event, having begged my way onto a plane. That won't be a problem this time, just that connection. And my reasons are selfish....I really want to be comfortable in Phoenix to watch the Inauguration tomorrow - not on some make-up flight. But, happily, either way is fine.

And Happy Martin Luther King day. Listening to some of his speeches, and reading some in the weekend papers. Like Shakespere, I can't believe how he captures the human soul. And his words are timeless.

So excited about the Inauguration - and thrilled to be experiencing it with Americans, in Phoenix. And so looking forward to this launch for A RULE AGAINST MURDER.

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