Sunday, 11 January 2009

MC Mikey-Mike

Snow, temps minus 10

Man, was it cold last night. We had to go out, as we do every Saturday evening, and it was bitter! Even by Canadian standards. But what a moon, again! It was almost daylight, except the light it threw onto the snow made everything a sort of gray. it was like walking through a very quiet Netherworld.

And there must have bgen ice crystals in the atmosphere because there was the biggest halo around the moon. Huge, and distinct. Often, when that happens it's barely there, but last night there was no mistaking it.

Today there's a gentle snow, like dust falling. It adds up, but nothing dramatic.

I've been emailing with Barbara Peters, the brilliant owner of Poisoned Pen in Arizona. It occured to both of us that really, to try to do 2 events on the day of Obama's Inauguration was folly. So we're considering moving what events we can to the next day - Jan 21st. Will let you know. It might not be possible. In which case, whoever is meant to be there will. I certainly won't be. I'll be watching the TV. (Kidding).

Michael's downstairs writing his book and listening to rap music. Usher, Will Smith, Eminem. I'll have to start refering to him by his rap name, MC Mikey-Mike.

By the way, I did want to mention that I try to respond to every email - but sometimes it isn't possible. And sometimes I think I'm responding but the BlackBerry isn't really sending. Or, last night I had a very funny message from a person named Patenaude - I tried to write back, but it kept saying undeliverable.

I mention this because I do feel badly when people take the time to write, and be so supportive, and then they think I don't care - when I do, deeply. So - if you're the Patenaude who wrote, know that I tried!

I also had an email recently from Armand Gamache. Now that was a very strange feeling. He lives in the US and was curious, understandably, how I came to use his name. I explained that 'Armand' is the name of a friend of ours, and 'Gamache' is MC Mikey-Mike's tailor in Granby. A lovely, dignified man.

Had some keys made for the house to give to Lise so she can dig out Michael's study, and just tried them. Not a one worked. Oh dear. Back to the hardware store. Pat and Tony will be staying here in our absence, of course...with their brood of dogs, but Lise still needs her own keys.

Off now - lots of nothing to be done.


Lee Ann said...

You are probably the most consistently prompt correspondent I have ever had! The temptation is to keep e-mailing but I want you to have time to write your books!

Lee Ann

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

Aren't you wonderful for saying that! And it's always such a joy to hear from you - and about Kolbe! Hope he's feeling better.

Melody G said...

Louise, you write to us all with every book you write, perhaps that's (more than!) enough. Put the oxygen mask to your own face, celebrate your own being, your own call....
Thanks for sharing your life so generously

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Melody,

thank you! Good advice. I wonder if it's a woman thing, a me thing, a human thing - to be so hard on ourselves.

Thanks for being gentle.