Sunday, 18 January 2009

I'll be the one in the straight-jacket

flurries, windy, milder - temps minus 9

Had a terrific phone call yesterday with my older brother, Rob and his family - daughter Sarah and wife Audi. It was Rob's birthday and wonderful to get caught up. They'd just returned from a 14 day cruise in the caribbean. Princess Cruises. They reported it was OK. Their first cruise and Rob and Audi say they'd made a different choice next time. Perhaps go with Princess, though the food apparently wasn't very good - but they'd definitely choose a newer, smaller ship. This one seemed 'tired'. And I think if you're on it for 2 weeks you'd want wonderful food - at least I would!

Their son, Adam, is having adventures in Australia and their oldest daughter, Kim, is in New Zealand - in a town called Franz Joseph. Isn't that a great name? At least, I think that was the name. Perhaps it was Franz Ferdinand. But I think it was the former. Sarah and Audi asre hoping to visit Kim in a few months.

Rob and his family live in Edmonton. Rob's an assistant Deputy Minister in the government, and I'm always so proud of him.

We're in Montreal now. Had lovely, long breakfast with Joan, which stretched to almost noon. Heard, among other things, that her son (and our friend) Gary has grown a mustache and beard. She says it looks great. Can hardly wait to see it, but am afraid by the time Michael and I get back from Quebec City it might be gone.

Had a friend, Sharon, write to ask about the results of the second mammogram. Don't have them yet but the radiologist wen tout of his way to reassure me it was nothing. I should have asked if what they saw looked a little like a gummi bear. Or a muffin. Actually, I don't think they saw anything...just wanted to be sure.

Off to Arizona tomorrow...2pm flight. Should arrive about 7:30pm local time. REally looking forward to watching the Inauguration on TV Tuesday. Have a TV interview (by phone if you can believe it!) 10am Tuesday with KAZ-TV - a show called: AM Arizona. Then 3pm event at the Tempe Library, 5pm dinner with some loyal readers, 7pm event at Poisoned Pen.

On Wednesday there's noon at the Mesquite library, 2pm at the Velma Teague library, 4pm telelvsion interview with Barbara Peters to go on YouTube, 7pm - another event (with Rhys Bowen) at Poisoned Pen - then a midnight flight back (changing planes in New Jersy) and arrving in Montreal 10am Thursday morning. Then have a noon newspaper interview in our Montreal apartment.

Then kill someone. Haven't decided who, but I worry for the newspaper reporter.

Will try to blog tomorrow, but...

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