Thursday, 8 January 2009

Miss Penny rests for a Day

snow, snow, snow temps minus 5

Beautiful day - loads of snow...well over a foot. Haven't been out all day - yay. Haven't been out of my sweats all day...except to shower. Have barely been off the couch. Wall-to-wall television.

That's how I relax now. Sometimes watch a movie but mostly it's just mind-numbing staring. HGTV property shows, renovation shows, old sitcoms.

Last night we watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I'd seen it before and loved it and Michael gave me the DVD for Christmas, but he'd never seen it. So on it went. Fabulous, fun movie. And once again I was impressed that the actor who plays Joe, Ciaran Hinds would make a good Gamache...not exactly as I see him, but close - and certainly close in the character he plays in this movie.

Tomorrow will be back to work, of a sort. Lise is coming in the AM. we have mailing to do, and Michael's office to organize (read: excavate) Then off in the afternoon for my first mammogram. At least the story will have stopped by then.

Had wonderful news from Sandra Ruda, a fabulous librarian in Chicago. She informed me that A FATAL GRACE (DEAD COLD in UK and Canada) was chosen one of the outstanding books of 2008 by the Reading Council of the American Library Association.

Must go - puppies need feeding. That means I probably have to stand up.


Leinda said...

Ciaran Hinds does seem a good choice, but to me Armand has a more kindly visage. Mr. Hinds looks a bit gruff, but maybe it's the roles I've seen him in. Here's hoping that a movie will happen!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Leinda,

You're right - he's not totally as I imagine Armand either, but as close as I've seen...especially in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. He's wonderful in that - they all are.

thanks for your thoughts.