Thursday, 29 January 2009

New York Times Bestseller!!!

Cloudy, flurries, temps minus 5


Hope Dellon, my editor and Andrew Martin, the publisher of St. Martin's Minotaur called late yesterday afternoon with the news I've dreamed of all my adult life...for 30 years or more.

'You've made the New York Times Bestseller list with A Rule Against Murder!'

I started trembling then and I don't think I've stopped. However, the shrieking has died down...a little.

This is what's called the 'extended' list - which is for the top 35 hardcovers, and it's the list for February 8th (don't know wny it's a week ahead, but I suppose that's what makes the New York Times great...they see the future. Perhaps they're also built on a cliff). A Rule Against Murder is number 33.

We did it. You and I. I wrote it, you read it and told your friends - and over the course of the 4 seasons we've built the series. I am so grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this amazing gift. I will never, ever forget sitting in the living room in Quebec City, in front of the fireplace, clutching the hot water bottle (I think we've bonded) - and getting the call. Frankly at first I was confused about why both Hope and Andy would call. I figured it was either wonderfully good news, or horrific news. Since they probably wouldn't be the ones to tell me someone I love died or Michael or I have cancer I figured the news couldn't really be all that bad. Could it?

Andy even asked, 'Do you know why both of us would be calling?'

I think he presumed I knew it would be the Times - but since it has never happened to me before, it was so far from my expectations I honestly had no idea.

And then they told me. I might have shattered their ear drums with the scream. I know Michael came running.

Wow. Thank you for this. I really hope you feel the thrill too. You're as much a part of this as me. All my life I'll remember this moment.

On other news - the storm hit! Michael and I were exploring the Plains of Abraham, where the definitive battle between the French and English forces happened in September 1759 - and suddenly it started snowing...then more, then more. We ducked into the Cafe Krieghoff on rue Cartier for lunch and by the time we came out the blizzard was in full flight. What distinguishes blizzards from smily heavy snow is the wind.

The snow was hurtling sideways, and getting into our eyes, ears, under our collars. We have about 2 kilometers to, heads down, off we went. It's actually quite exciting. We were well dressed and there was never any fear we were in danger.

then arrived home to this terrific news.

Now need to rush out - breakfast, then I have a 10am meeting at the Literary and Historical society, just up the street on Saint-Stanislas to talk to Patrick Donovan about where the skeletons are buried. I love research.

Did I mention about the New York Times??? I feel like running through the streets laughing - proving to Quebec once and for all that Anglos really are nuts. Happy - but nuts.


Cece said...

As a Caldecott-winning illustrator said to the author of the book..."without the words, I'm nothing." Without your words, we would have had nothing to read, enjoy, pass on. (Just for the record I have typed "try Louise Penny, start with "Still Life"" three times this week to people looking for "a good mystery." Enjoy the moment now, and store it up on your mental charm bracelet for later.

Bobbie said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! What a moment, and so glad to share it with the writer of some of the best words in the universe. Okay, maybe I am biased, just a tad, because I am such a big fan of Louise Penny...but still...your words are priceless, and have brought me so much, it is wonderful that the world is finding out how great your books are! :-)

My library reading group, who think--and actually have said out loud--"eh, mysteries, might try one a year just to give our group something different to read, but of course are not as good as 'real' books"--and no I am not making this up, is truly what several of them think-not me of course, but some of them....well...I try, on the book selection committee, to 'sneak' some mysteries into the selections, and April of this year, our group is going to read STILL LIFE. :-) And look what I can announce! She's a NYT Bestseller!! :-) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Louise, your books are wonderful, and I (and my friends, too) thought A RULE AGAINST MURDER (THE MURDER STONE) was truly a great read, a great plot with great characters and a great setting, the whole thing. It made us think, made us talk about it and discuss it in several directions, and was written soooo well. See? It's not just reading the books, and recommending's people knowing that those words are well written and worthy of a few dollars! :-) It's a team effort-the writer being good, and the readers and sellers appreciating good writing and recommending it over and over and over...and you keep getting into favorites lists others recommend and on and on. :-)

Yay!! Doing the Happy Dance!!! Celebrate This Day!!!


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Cece,

Thank you for celebrating with me! None of this would be any fun if no one cared - and it is so great to have people like you who are so supportive. And have been through the not-so-great times. That's why it's so lovely for me to give you this great news...and know we are partners in the whole adventure.

Thanks for passing on the word about the books - and inviting people to start with STILL LIFE.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie...

I'm joining you in the Happy Dance! So what if people stare. You are SO great to get your reading group to try my books - and to discuss them at their deeper level. How lovely not to be alone in this.

thank you for your company,

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm so happy for you. And it is early days yet!!! Congratulations. I'm enjoying walking the streets of Quebec City with you. Thanks again for your writings...

Kay said...

Louise, I am just ecstatic for you!! So very much deserved and couldn't happen to a nicer gal! I've finished A RULE AGAINST MURDER and loved, loved, loved it. Don't tell Agatha Christie, but I think you've passed her in my favorite mystery writer of all time category.

My review is up on my blog. Stop by and see what you think. Take care and stay warm. Hugs to you and greetings to Michael!

Pam said...

Dear Louise,
Liz and I are following your trip to Quebec City and having a lovely time. I have not been there for about 35 years.
What absolutely wonderful news about the New York Times and it so well deserved. I will be watching for it to soar into first place. A dream come true.

Liz and I are sending our book out to an agent or two in the next few weeks. As usual you have inspired me to get the lead out. New York Times here we come.
Best regards,
Pam AKA Jamie Tremain

Anonymous said...

That's terrific - congratulations! I have only just discovered your books but I am already recommending them.

Tammy said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, LOUISE.....need we say anything else!! Enjoy these moments.

Tammy from St. Louis

London Kate said...

Dear Louise

Hurrah and Hooray! So thrilled for you! There are few things more gratifying than good things happening to good people.

Kate xx

hilary said...

Lucky you have that two --or is it three?-- storey cathedral ceiling. Means there's enough room to bounce around with joy. But don't get stuck up there -- it may be hard to get you down. Still, why would you want to come down -- after such uplifting news?



Debra Eisert said...

Congratulations on making the New York Times Best Seller List! I have confidence that it won't be the last time, and that A Rule Against Murder will just keep climbing. (Fan note here -- I just finished listening to the audiobook. Your books just keep getting better. Thank you for writing them. I will be eagerly awaiting the results of your research trip to Quebec City. The research sounds heavenly.)

humble.pie said...

ouai tu t'en souviendras.

je t'envoie toutes mes félicitations.

vous êtes vraiement des ambassadeurs du québec aux USA, même au monde. toi et gamache.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear All,

Oh, I want to reply to each and every one of you personally but I just feel so overwhelmed by your kind comments!!! Kay, I read your review - and LOVED it. And am humbled you'd consider putting me even on par with the great dame.
Hum - Merci, merci - gentil comme toujours
Debra - so glad you're enjoying being with us in Quebec City - and really thrilled you're enjoying the series!
Dear Hilary - yes - actually the three story cathedral only just fits my swollen head! But, this being the book biz, I expect it to deflate to pea-size any moment!
Dear London Kate! Hizzah! Thank you.
For Tammy - thank you! Who are the cuties? so much more lively than hot water bottles.
Dear Anon - I am thrilled to hear you've just discovered the series, and so grateful you're spreading the word.
To Pam and Liz - GREAT news you're sending your book out! I know how exciting that is - but also the courage it takes. And it will pay off!!! Sending all good energy.
Dear Lil - oh, it is such a pleasure to hear from you old friend and thank you for the congrats.

Thank you all. I cannot begin to tell you how much your words mean to me. And your support.

annypresby said...

From Anny

Well of course it would be on the list. What else was is it going to be??!! I have not read books as well written and interesting since I became a Penny fan.

My congratulations. Next project,an appearance on the Book Show segment of the Today Show.

Enjoy, enjoy. Well deserved.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Anny,

Thank you!! And lets hope you are presentient...or something.