Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Does that storm system look like a muffin to you?

overcast, mild, windy, temps minus 1

Just came back from a wonderful lunch with Lise. I do like her so much. She gave me five handmade Armand Gamache bookmarks to take to my events in Arizona - to give one out per event. So it you're there, we'll see about doing a draw or something.

We chatted away at the Cafe Floral - saw a bunch of people we knew. Had fish chowder. Yum. And stopped by Lucy and Danny's bookstore in Knowlton - Brome Lake Books. They'd just shipped a signed copy of The Murder Stone to Hilary in Medicine Hat Alberta. Fun idea.

This morning Michael and I headed off to Cowansville for breakfast, stopping first at Denis's service station to replace a burned out headlight in the volvo. Then breakfast of french toast, bacon and fruit.

As you see, my life has become very simple, as has my conversation. I have two topics. You can choose from either the 'weather' column or the 'food' column. Sometimes I can be persuaded to talk about travels and airlines.

Just looked outside - in the five minutes I've been writing this a storm has blown up! Almost a white-out. And HUGE winds. Unfortunately we need to head into Sutton to do some banking and so Michael can get his beard trimmed.

He hinted, quite broadly, the other day that maybe I wanted to get my hair cut too. Now, Michael wouldn't notice a cow if I moved into our home so I have to figure my hair must be pretty bad for him to say something. And, to be honest, I haven't had it done since the dasterdly 'drag queen' episode in Cambridge, England in September. But perhaps it has grown out enough. Or, maybe Michael prefers the drag queen look. Hmmm. Though this does bode well for the future, especially the moustache I'm working on.

Be well - will talk to you tomorrow.


hilary said...

Storms as food -- I love it. When a big one is on the way, I think immediately of food. Of putting the "wagons in a circle" and bringing in stores "for the duration" -- which these days, is only a day or part of a day. Still, when a storm threatens, I think of chili and hot chocolate. And the need to go nowhere. It's the latter, most of all, I think we've lost. Why not ride out the storm, instead of ride in it?
As I write, the wind is howling outside. Bring it on!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary,

I totally agree! Adore storms. But we have the great good fortune of not having to leave...for the most part.

Happy storm riding.