Monday, 12 January 2009

Globe bestsellers list!

Mainly sunny, some flurries, temps minus 9

Lovely, gentle day. Hopped off across the border to main some packages, pick up some gas. I love driving, but mostly because it gives me a quiet time to listen to music. and let my mind wander.

Had fabulous news - The Cruellest Month is on the Canadian national (Globe and Mail) mystery bestsellers list - at #2! Just below Dan Brown. Frankly, it's a bit of a mystery (as in, a total mystery) how these lists are made up. Since The Murder Stone (Book 4) is consistently on the bestseller list, I can't imagine why book 3 should suddenly show up...but I'm thrilled.

Had a call from the hospital about the mammogram - I have to go and re-do it. This might become my new hobby. Seems they can't get an accurate reading on my previous test. I might have moved, or left. So, it's back Thursday afternoon.

Off to Cowansville tomorrow for breakfast, some errands, then heading to Knowlton to meet Lise at Lusy and Danny's bookstore (a book Michael had ordered is in) then have lunch with her at Cafe Floral. What amazing good luck to actually like the people I work with. Or at least most of them. Can only think of a couple whose company I wouldn't readily seek out - and I suspect it's mutual.

Am making a huge pot of chili con carne, and doing lamb for dinner tonight. As the weather gets colder and the snow closes in I nest more.

Will talk to you tomorrow.

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