Saturday, 3 January 2009

Feeding the Birds

overcast, flurries, cold, temps minus 15

Went to feed the birds this morning...they're ravenous! Gobbling up the sunflower seeds. Very funny to see them - woodpeckers, blue jays and black capped chickadees...all fluffed up, which is something they do with their feathers when it"s really cold.

had a great day, doing more editing and now I'm off to the meeting. But I wanted to write, to thank you all for your thoughts...and your celebration.

We're heading to Hovey Manor tomorrow for a few days - but I'll try to blog from there.

Be well - and a heart felt thank you.


hilary said...

You write about your struggle more eloquently this year even than last - a testament to the significant anniversary you've achieved and the increasing ease you have in talking about it. I'm sure you've helped many in this, as in a number of other ways.
Bless you.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary,

How moved I am that you remember last year's blog...thank you. And that you continue in your very meaningful support.