Monday, 5 January 2009

New York Times

light flurries, temps minus 4

Actually, we spent most of the day inside! We're at Hovey and our room is actually the Montcalm cabin, so we have to get our winter coats and boots on to walk to the main building for meals. Not exactly a hardship. It takes 2 minutes at most and is beautiful. It's all decorated for the season, with lights and cedar boughs. they've lit up a few pines on the property so when we eat at night we can see the trees gleaming off the snow. Very, very pretty. And restful.

This is a brand new room for Hovey - they just renovated it, turning 2 smaller rooms into this amazing suite. Bliss.

Spent the day (when not eating, which was about 10 minutes) in front of the fireplace in our room, editing THE BRUTAL TELLING (book 5). Doing about 100 pages a day, which is easy since at this point it's mostly spelling errors and some slight smoothing. Good to do it in such large chunks since it gives me a better sense of flow and where there might be duplication. This is quite a complex, rich story and I need to make sure it both makes sense and is entertaining.

And we had fabulous news from the publishers at St Martin's Minotaur - book 4, A RULE AGAINST MURDER will be reviewed in the New York Times on January 25th. Yay!

Back to work...have a few emails to answer. I'll tell you, this makes a pretty good office!

Be well, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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