Thursday, 1 January 2009


clear, bitterly cold, temps minus 22

Happy New Year!!!

The January newsletter was sent out today, and in it I talked about Michael and my disquiet about the economy, and the fact we knew were weren't alone. But that, oddly enough, in reflecting on what might happen in the coming year we came to the conclusion, yet again, that it didn't matter.

It's really forced us to look at what does. Health, friendships, community, belonging.

But more than anything - love.

And today I've received back so many deeply moving messages from people talking about their own feelings, their own situations. In language direct, elegant, simple, poetic and clear.

Who we are is not threatened. What we believe is not vulnerable. What matters is safe.

How powerful is that? How freeing is that?

How beautiful is that?

Thank you, everyone, for filling up my heart. I am indeed rich. No bailout necessary. Or wanted.

Blessings to all of you as you move into and through 2009. How lucky we are.


Kay said...

Happy New Year, Louise! I feel you are right on target and appreciate your sharing feelings and thoughts with all of us.

I look forward to a more peaceful 2009 in my own life. I have a very few goals for this year (one is reading from my own shelves and not purchasing books - yours excepted, of course), but they will be important ones I think. Eating better, exercising more, relaxing often, truly cherishing my dear husband (I did that already but he can always use more hugs can't he?) and being thankful every day for my wonderful life.

Thank you for being a bright spot in 2008 for me! See you soon!

Bobbie said...

Dear Louise,
I got your newsletter, and it affected me so much...and I thank you for sharing with us. I met you in person this year at a mystery conference, and was already a huge fan, but now am more. You are you, and you share well, write well, speak well, can laugh but also can tell truths while laughing--or when serious.

I printed your newsletter off my computer, took it to our lunch table, and read it to my husband--who already knows how much you impressed me and still do--but that newsletter is so much good words so well written, I had to share it with him. And he nodded all the way through, and thanked me for bringing it and making our lunch even better.

I know this is a lot of praise, and I am not trying to win the mushiness prize, but your words and your photos and your newlsetters and your blog--they've really touched me, so you must take this 'mush'. :-)

Like you, we cherish simplicity now, less drama and fewer things. Simple like the evening sun or the morning sun, or our dog running to greet us, or walking through our yard in every season...simple but wanted way more than dollars...and binding us more together than any amount of wealth--love is the true wealth, and will get us through some bad stuff. And he and I have been through enough bad stuff, both mentally and physically, to know that's not just a saying--love will make us get through.

So we thank you for sharing yourself with us, Louise. And for giving us hope that even in this bad messy world, there are enough good people, we'll make it...maybe with a lot less dollars, but we'll do all right, and we'll Be Kind, and we'll Love...TO THE MAX.

Oh and by the way, good books really do help with this! And your writing is needed! :-) And BIG CONGRATULATIONS on all the recognition and praise your books are earning, and have earned!

Very Best Wishes,

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Can hardly wait to see you in Phoenix - and having dinner together. I know 2008 had its challenges for you, so it is great to look forward to a fresh, new year.

Love your simple, healthful, goals. I will join you in them (except for our dinner, when it will be 'every man for himself)

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie,

Your comment has moved me deeply. Thank you. I wrote in the blog today about not feeling alone... and it never ceases to amaze me the power of realizing others feel the same way.

Thank you - and no, it's not mushiness, it's kindness and compassion, and I thank you!

Looking forward to seeing you again, perhaps in 2009.

Bobbie said...

Louise and Kay, have a wonderful dinner together in Phoenix! Sounds like a great time for you two.

Louise, if the Lord is willin' and the crick (as we say creek) don't rise, we'll see each other in Indianapolis this fall. Meeting you in Muncie last October, my favourite convention and a favourite author....was heavenly! And this year I am going to brave the big convention since it's in my midwest area about 4 driving hours away...and even if my knees are knocking from being amongst so many folks, seeing you will be grand! See you in Indy! Looking forwards to it!

Bobbie Jo--how's that for a rural name--you see why I like smaller crowds, ha!

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