Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hello, I must be going...

clear, though with slight haze of ice crystals, cold, temps minus 23

I saw a woman on TV this morning toss a cup of hot water into the air and it turned to ice before it hit the ground. Never seen that before. Not the day to go outside.

So, it's just past 10am and I'm in my flannels, don't plan to get out of them! Fireplace is lit, Sting is on the stereo. Puppies curled up on the rug.

I debated whether I should do the blog now or wait, in case something interesting actually happened. This is the magnitude of my decisions today. But, of course, I realized nothing was actually going to happen today. Though there is always the unexpected. For instance from my study window I see the snowplow has arrived to dig us out. We had a brief storm yesterday, but it only dropped a couple of inches. Still, I guess that's enough to plow.

Isn't this thrilling? There really is a reason no reality show follows writers around.

But something exciting did happen yesterday. Michael's barber, a woman named Maryse, agreed to cut my hair. So I cancelled the appointment I had in Montreal Sunday and re-booked with her for tomorrow. Now, I am just a little concerned that she says she doesn't cut women's hair. Do you think that might be a problem? I wonder if she realizes I'm a woman. True, the moustache might be throwing her off. Though at the very least it'll be nicely trimmed tomorrow.

Honestly, how bad can it be? I guess whoever shows up at the Phoenix events will see. If I look like your grade 8 gym teacher you'll know what happened.

Speaking of Phoenix Barbara Peters and I decided we'll do 2 events at Poisoned Pen. The concern is that the first one is at 7pm on January 20th - inauguaration day. We figured people might just prefer to watch it, and the surrounding events, and the news recaps. But I'll be at Poisoned Pen that night. But we decided to offer another event at the bookstore the next night - Wednesday Jan 21st - also at 7pm...for those who couldn't make the first.

Then it's off to the airport for the red-eye back home.

Must go - there's a whole lotta nuttin goin on without me.

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